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Force Calibration Guidance for Beginners

If you are new to force calibration or metrology, the information can be overwhelming. Since force calibration is mechanical in nature, there are many factors to consider. This guidance document provides a basic understanding of force calibration, the methods and instruments used, industry standards, and best practices.

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Conditions Methods and Systems that Impact Force Calibration

This force calibration guidance for Technicians and Quality Managers covers more advanced force calibration topics including loading conditions, adapters, verification of the adjustments, indicators, measurement uncertainty, selecting the right calibration method.

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ISO 376 Guidance and Uncertainty Measurements Relating to Force Equipment

There is a common misconception about equipment “being compliant” with ISO 376.  Many struggle with how to use an ISO 376 calibration and put together an uncertainty budget.  This document provides guidance for the evaluation of measurement uncertainty in the calibration of force-measuring instruments to support CMC in the scope of accreditation and calibration and/or measurement certificates/reports.

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Load Cell Troubleshooting Guidance

Morehouse technicians have seen many different load cell issues and have lots of experience identifying and fixing the problems. With this experience, we developed a 7 Step Process for Troubleshooting a Load Cell, which will reduce the hours wasted troubleshooting a nonworking load cell to diagnose the problem.

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Force Calibration Adapters Guidance

Force-measuring instruments are susceptible to errors from improper adapters, misalignment, and not exercising the instrument to full capacity. This document provides guidance for replicating how the force-measuring instrument is used, keeping the line of force free from eccentric error, and overcoming safety concerns with old adapters.

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Guidance on Uncertainty Budgets for Force Measuring Devices - A2LA

This document provides guidelines for identifying all significant contributions to measurement uncertainty in the calibration of force-measuring instruments. It serves as a means for laboratories to be compliant with A2LA R205 – Specific Requirements: Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Program.

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How to Develop an Uncertainty Budget for a Morehouse Calibrating Machine

This document identifies all significant contributions to measurement uncertainty when using a Morehouse calibrating machine. It describes what is needed to achieve a measurement uncertainty of better than 0.02 % of the applied force.

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Compression and Tension Adapters

Guide for locating the correct adapter for your application.

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