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Do you have load cell calibration errors, or would you know if you had them? The purpose of this page is to consolidate information from Morehouse on load cell calibration for standard load cells, shear web load cells, pancake load cells, button load cells, s-beam load cells, column load cells, and other load cells.

With a goal to help you make better force measurements for your calibrations or obtain better force calibrations from your service provider. These videos range from common load cell measurement errors that can be avoided to videos on selecting and choosing the proper load cell calibration equipment for your force application.

Selecting the Best Reference Load Cell

What is the best load cell I can use as a reference standard?

How to Calibrate a Button Load Cell

Chris shows how to calibrate a button load cell and achieve great results

Why an Integral Adapter Should be Installed on Load Cells

Calibrating a load cell without an integral adapter errors

How to calibrate a load cell - alignment

Proper Alignment of a load cell is imperative for great calibration results

Load Cell Calibration Lead Time is important

You cannot perform force measurements without your load cell

Morehouse Deadweight Machine – The most accurate way to calibrate a load cell

The best calibration equipment for load cell calibration is Morehouse deadweight

Calibrating a Load Cell Base versus Thread Loading

Base versus thread loading of a load cell errors

Calibrating a Load Cell Adapter Error

Threaded adapter errors on shear web load cells

How to set up a load cell

Setting up a reference load cell in a Morehouse UCM

Compression Load Cell Calibration and Setup

Load cell setup in compression in a Morehouse UCM

Tension Load Cell Calibration and Setup

Load cell setup in tension in a Morehouse UCM

4215 plus Load Cell meter that uses the Calibration Equation

4215 Meter that uses the ASTM E74 and ISO 376 Calibration Coefficients

Load Cell calibration formula

Entering B coefficients from the calibration report into the 4215 plus

Morehouse G501F Single-Channel Low Cost Load Cell Indicator

Low cost high value single channel load cell indicator

NVLAP and A2LA Accreditation for Load Cell Calibration

NVLAP and A2LA reduces our internal risk and instills higher trust

1 - 2,000 lbf Morehouse Portable Small Force Measurement

Morehouse has a truly portable small force measurement machine

How to calibrate a S Type load cell

This video details how to calibrate an S type load cell in both tension and comp

Tension Set Up in the Morehouse Portable Calibration Machine

Tension Load Cell Set Up in the Morehouse Portable Calibration Machine

Compression Set Up in Portable Calibration Machine

Compression Set Up in Portable Calibration Machine

Note: These are some of our top videos, our Morehouse Youtube channel has more force measurement equipment videos (over 100 videos)

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