Make Better Force Measurements

You make measurement decisions that impact everyday life. Build confidence and trust in your force measurements by using a calibration provider with the lowest measurement uncertainties. Low uncertainties lead to more accurate measurements, reduced cost, diminished risk, increased quality, and improved measurement confidence.

Who is Morehouse?

We manufacture and calibrate torque and force measurement equipment to minimize your measurement risk. We are here to help you make proper, and better, force and torque measurements using our products, calibration services, and free tools. Your initial cost may be more, but the cost-benefit is huge when you analyze the real cost of a poor calibration.

A positive customer experience is our priority. We work with organizations of all sizes to solve measurement challenges, and if we can't, we are up-front and recommend a resource that can because our reputation matters.

NVLAP accreditation

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A2LA accreditation

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Helping Organizations Measure Better for More than 100 Years

We work to change how people think about torque and force measurement. We do this by educating our customers on important metrics, the cause of significant errors, and how to avoid those errors. Our force calibration products are simple to operate, plumb, level, square and rigid. We support those products with our best-in-class calibration service with less than two-week lead times.

Government Procurement

In a busy government purchasing office, time is everything, so you need a simpler process for purchasing force and torque products and services. This page includes a capability statement and other common information required by purchasing agents.

Force Calibration Services

When you need an accredited, superior, 7-10 day force calibration for load cells, force gauges, dynamometers, crane scales, proving rings, aircraft scales, truck scales, and other force measuring instruments, rely on Morehouse.

Measurement Products

Solve your force measurement challenges with products that are plumb, level, square, rigid, and simple to operate. Since customer feedback is implemented into our engineering designs, continuous improvement is a reality for all our products.

Product and Force Measurement Training

Learn how to measure better and achieve the best possible results with our in-person training, virtual classes, and webinars. Customized training is also available for your team.
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Lower Your Torque & Force Measurement Risk

We help commercial labs, government labs, and other organizations lower their measurement risk by lowering equipment uncertainties for torque and force measurement. Measurement uncertainty directly affects quality, costs, decisions, and risks but is often an overlooked parameter. Take measurement uncertainty seriously with Morehouse force and torque tools and calibration services.

The Morehouse Advantage

Our mission is to be the best independent force and torque calibration resource in the world by providing honest and realistic solutions, and continuous development of products to meet customer force measurement needs for the next 100 years.
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Focus on identifying and reducing measurement errors
7-10 day calibration lead times that reduce customer’s downtime
Accredited calibration services with primary standards
Custom solutions to help organizations measure better
Raise the standard and challenge the "just calibrate it" mentality

What Our Customers Say

  • The training you conducted was excellent! I plan on having all my technicians watch it regardless of their discipline. You provided so much good information about metrology.

    Tanner Chambers,

    Quality Manager, Probata Corporation
  • Thank you for sending us the replacement part and helping us get to a quick fix for this issue. You guys at Morehouse rock for sure!

    James Wagner

    Senior Metrology Engineer, New Primary Standards Laboratory
  • I am so happy with my new force calibrator. It is portable, convenient, and simple to use. I can change attachments effortlessly. Thank you so much for your support.

    Anna Escarcega

    Vice President, Escarcega Technology Services
  • The training you conducted was excellent! I plan on having all my technicians watch it regardless of their discipline. You provided so much good information about metrology.

    Matt Moore

    Lab Supervisor, TMI Colorado
  • The load cells and indicator I received from Morehouse operate flawlessly. It was set up exactly how I expected and was a true plug and play device. Thanks to Morehouse for the excellent service and support!

    Bob Henning

    Calibration Laboratory Manager, Boreal Aviation, Inc.

When You're Looking for More Accurate Measurements

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