Force and Torque Training Library

Discover our library of free metrology training books, designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in measurement and calibration. Stay updated with the latest practices and standards, solve common challenges, and advance your career with accessible, high-quality resources. Download now and take your expertise to the next level.
Force Calibration for Technicians: Top Conditions, Methods, and Systems that Impact Force Calibration Results (2024)
Morehouse Instrument Company proudly announces the release of the third edition of "Force Calibration for Technicians: Top Conditions, Methods, and Systems that Impact Force Calibration Results," authored by Henry Zumbrun, President of Morehouse Instrument Company. This free authoritative guide is designed to assist beginners and seasoned professionals in force measurement and calibration.
Calculation Guidance (2024)
Understanding calibration calculations can be challenging, as not all calculations on calibration certificates are straightforward. Different companies often use varying math equations, resulting in different outcomes. A new comprehensive guide, Morehouse Calculation Guidance, co-authored by Henry Zumbrun and Zach Shearer of Morehouse Instrument Company, aims to demystify some common math equations found on Morehouse calibration certificates and is available for download!

This guidance was written to help readers achieve accurate and consistent results in their calibration processes.

The free guidance features detailed explanations of many calculations, including non-linearity, hysteresis, and non-repeatability calculations, and clear examples to illustrate each type of calculation.
Decision Rule Guidance 1st Edition 2024-04
Download your free "Decision Rule Guidance, 1st Edition 2024" copy here.  This guidebook is written by Henry Zumbrun of Morehouse Instrument Company, Greg Cenker of Indysoft, and Dilip Shah of E = mc3 Solutions. It provides foundational knowledge and practical calculations for using decision rules in measurement uncertainty.

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