Interlaboratory Comparison and Proficiency Testing

Satisfy the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Force ILC requirement for force proficiency tests & interlaboratory comparison (Force ILC), validate your CMC claims and uncover ways to improve your measurement process with the Morehouse Force ILC rental kit.

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We want to help you make better force measurements. Our goal is to provide a very low overall uncertainty for direct comparison Force ILC. The low uncertainty allows for a more robust method to ensure laboratories meet their claimed CMC uncertainties. An easy-to-use Morehouse ILC worksheet is available to assist with your data analysis.

Morehouse force proficiency tests can help you satisfy ISO/IEC 17025:2017, Section 7.7.2 with our Force  ILC rental kit options. When you order the Force ILC rental kit, you will receive a case that includes a 25k or 100k load cell, adapters, cable, 4215 indicator, calibration certificate, and instructions. Calibration is done 1-2 days before shipment, and in accordance with ASTM E74 to establish an expected performance.

How it works

1. We use deadweight primary standards known to be within 0.0025 % of applied force to calibrate the force ILC  artifact. Next to a deadweight calibration by a National Metrology Institute such as NIST, this is the most accurate method to verify you are making measurements within your claimed CMC uncertainty parameter.

2. We help control the drift and keep the uncertainties low. All instrumentation drifts over time. If a laboratory is trying to ensure the validity of their systems, then the closer the tests are to the calibration, the lower the uncertainty values become.


3. We can help establish your CMC uncertainty parameter. The Force ILC is a great starting point for calculating your capability by comparing the Morehouse artifact against another artifact, preferably with a deadweight calibration performed. If done correctly, the comparison can be used to help establish your capability.

4. We will ship the rental kit with a “fresh” calibration. The calibration will be performed 1-2 days before shipment. This allows the end-user to validate their system and get up and running quickly.

5. We have partnered with Sapphire Proficiency Testing to provide an independent third party review of the data and issuance of a report. If this option is requested, the Force ILC will be blind (no data supplied) and the cost will be higher because we will contract Sapphire Proficiency Testing to run the data.

6. We allow for 21 days from shipment to return of equipment. This provides at least one week for the you to make the measurements, assuming a worst-case scenario five-day shipment.



Validate your Measurement Process with a Force Verification System

If you want a kit to keep, consider the Morehouse 5 in 1 Force Verification System. It can be used for Force Verification, SPC, ILC, PT, and R & R studies. The system includes:

1. Morehouse Ultra-Precision Load Cell
2. High Accuracy Digital Indicator (Sensing A/D USB)
3. Mini Computer with Morehouse Software
4. Load Cell Cable
5. Custom Cut Pelican Case

Learn more about how you can validate your measurement process and maintain a strong measurement assurance program with the 5 in 1 Force Verification System.

Force ILC Kit Instructions



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