North America's Primary Torque Calibration Lab

Morehouse collaborated with North American Industry through the ASTM E28 committee to help ensure labs are making accurate torque measurements. Our unique technical capabilities are one of the main benefits of our torque testing laboratory.

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Torque Calibration

Almost all torque measurements have unaccounted measurement errors. Torque load cell calibration is much more complex than simply accounting for force and length. Other considerations include cross variable forces, angular alignment issues, parasitic forces, and bending moments from an unsupported arm—all of which are common sources of error found in almost every torque calibration setup.

Not Considering Error Sources Will Result in Inaccurate Calibrations

Morehouse has considered these error sources. Our state-of-the-art deadweight torque measurement system is the second-most accurate torque machine in the world. This machine, which was used in CIPM comparisons, is capable of performing calibrations up to 1475 lbf·ft (2000 N·m) with an accuracy of 0.0025 % of applied torque.

NIST does not offer torque calibration

NPL has commissioned this machine at our facility in York, PA, making Morehouse the home to the only national torque standard in North America. Morehouse can certify torque equipment, produce results, and eliminate doubt. If you want to verify the accuracy of your torque measurements, Morehouse is ready to provide you with topnotch customer service and torque calibration solutions.


Morehouse has the only national torque standard in North America and the second most accurate torque machine in the world. Our torque calibration lab features the capabilities below.
Second lowest torque uncertainty in the world from 1 N·M to 2 kN·M
Primary torque standard, ASTM E2428 and other methods
Dead Weight Primary Standards, Range: (0.37 to 73.75) lbf·ft; (0.5 to 100) N·m, CMC: 0.005 %
Accredited for calibration to ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 for various procedures such as ASTM E2428 and BS7882 (British standard), as well as other procedures as defined by the customer
Proficiency testing demonstrates the measurement process at Morehouse is stable and expanded uncertainties of 0.003 % of applied torque or better is being achieved

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