Product Category: Calibration Adapter Kits

You've invested in a force calibration machine and need to calibrate force instruments.  The right adapters are crucial. Using mismatched connections without proper adapters can lead to significant measurement errors, forcing you to outsource and wait potentially weeks for the right adapter. Our Morehouse Calibration Adapter Kits address this issue by including the most common adapters needed to calibrate 99% of equipment on the market, ensuring you're prepared for almost any calibration task.

Browse below to find our carefully chosen adapter kits that offer top performance and value.

Morehouse has been privileged to be a US manufacturer of force calibration products since 1920. Our exceptional service, low uncertainties, and short lead times are part of our success. We exist because we have customers who know the value of excellent measurements and products; they appreciate that we can make their lives easier.


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