Miniature Washer Load Cell Adapters

Calibrating miniature washer load cells is made easy with these special adapters which eliminate misalignment errors, improve stability of the setup during calibration, and reduce reading error between rotations.

Miniature Washer Load Cell Adapters

These adapters are designed and manufactured to address the issues associated with calibrating small washer load cells. Each adapter set includes a top alignment fixture with a loading ball and a base adapter which is manufactured to maintain alignment and stability during calibration. An optional alignment plug can also be used with base adapters to align the setup with the loading line of the calibrating machine. Using these adapters not only produces more accurate and repeatable calibration results but also provides a more stable setup and saves on calibration time. Adapter sets have been designed for numerous washer load cell models available on the market, and the complete list can be viewed on the DOCUMENTATION page.

Miniature Button Load Cell Adapters feature:

  • Alignment and base adapters machined accurately for the inner and outer diameter of each miniature washer load cell
  • Loading ball on top alignment fixture to ensure maintaining the load line during calibration
  • Better stability during calibration
  • Improved repeatability between calibration runs and rotations
  • Rust-resistant black oxide coating on all adapters

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