Cost-Saving Mechanical Cable Tensiometer Calibrator

The Mechanical Cable Tensiometer Calibrator is an easy-to-use solution for problems associated with calibrating force instruments and cable tension meters (tensiometers) up to 2,000 lbf capacity.

This Cable Tensiometer machine provides the user with fine and stable control of the applied force and offers a large working area to test tensiometers on standard cable lengths of 5 ft.

Watch the video of Morehouse Instrument Company President Henry Zumbrun demonstrate it here.

Morehouse Cable Tensiometer

The Mechanical Cable Tensiometer Calibrator (PCM-2MD-T1) provides safety, convenience, and fast turnaround with its all-around safety shield, fine calibration force control, and versatility to calibrate a large variety of instruments.

The Cable Tensiometer is equipped with several time-saving features that enable a quality force calibration on a wide range of force sensors such as shear web load cells, S-type load cells, force gauges, button load cells, beam load cells, etc.

Morehouse Cable Tensiometer Features include:

  • 2,000 lbf capacity
  • Compression and tension calibration modes
  • Clear shatter resistance safety shield to protect the operator in case the cable or adapters fail during calibration
  • Calibration of cable tension meters on cables up to 5 ft long
  • Fine control over calibration forces
  • Eliminates the need to carry and stack weights for calibrating force instruments
  • Includes clevises for calibration cable tension meters
  • Includes compression load pad and ball seat adapter for calibration of compression-only instruments
  • Lowers the risk of overloading small force measurement
  • Quick adjustment of the calibration space opening for switching setups
  • Optional kits of variable adapters for calibrating dynamometers, crane scales, tension load cells, button load cells, etc.
  • Capable of controlling force application as low as 0.005 lbf based on the resolution of the reference standard used
  • Low-maintenance mechanical system with manual operation

Watch Henry Zumbrun demonstrate it here.

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