Force Measurement Equipment and Troubleshooting

Force measurement equipment and force instruments, such as tension links, cable tensiometers, crane scales, load cells, force gauges, dynamometers, and others, require the proper adapters and equipment for calibration. This page offers calibration solutions and suggestions for Morehouse-manufactured force measurement equipment and other force machines.  Additional educational videos are found here.

Tension link and Crane Scale Clevis set

How to set up a clevis set in a UCM

What makes the best force measurement equipment

What makes the best force measurement equipment

- 2,000 lbf Morehouse Portable Small Force Measurement Machine

- 2,000 lbf Morehouse Portable Small Force Measurement Machine

(Morehouse PCM) to Calibrate Force Gauges and Load Cells

Calibrate MORE for LESS with the Morehouse Portable Calibration Machine

Morehouse Mechanical Tensiometer Calibrator

cost-effective way to calibrate cable tensiometers

Force Adapters for Compression Load Cells

Various compression load cell setups and adapters

Setting up a Load Cell in Tension Using Morehouse Quick Change Adapters

Morehouse Quick Change Adapters for Tension Setups

Lubricating a Morehouse Force measurement UCM

How to lubricate a UCM

Universal Calibrating Machine for Force Measurement Timing Adjustment

Timing adjustment for Morehouse UCM

Unpacking Morehouse Force Measurement Machine

How to unpack and set up a Morehouse UCM

Force measurement equipment replacing seals on a Morehouse Jack

How to replace a seal pump on a Morehouse Hydraulic jack.

Force measurement equipment releasing a locked motor

How to release a locked motor on a Morehouse UCM

Note: These are some of our top videos, our Morehouse Youtube channel has more force measurement equipment videos (over 100 videos)

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