Henry A. Zumbrun: Leading the Charge in Force and Torque Measurements

Henry A. Zumbrun, with over 25 years in Metrology, leads Morehouse Instrument Company, transforming it into a globally respected name in calibration. Passionate about precise force and torque measurements, Henry is dedicated to training, outreach, and fostering a purpose-driven work culture. His mission is to create a safer world through improved measurements. Henry’s expertise is evident in his numerous certifications, published works, and contributions to industry standards. Click below to learn more about Henry's journey.
Henry's Bio

Leadership Team

You can count on Morehouse Instrument Company's highly experienced, trained, and educated team to provide the highest quality comprehensive calibration services. Contact any team member by email at info@mhforce.com
Henry Zumbrun
Lanie Pinkerton
Vice President
James Moll
Engineering Manager
Mark Jones
R&D Engineer
Jared Shearer
Production Manager
Richard Pruzinsky
New Business Development & Sales Manager
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