Universal Calibrating Machine (UCM)

Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines (UCM) are an easy-to-use, cost-effective, hydraulic force calibration system that lasts for generations. UCMs built in the 1950s are still operating today!

The UCM can be used to calibrate both tension and compression instruments in accordance with ASTM E74, ISO 376, and other internationally recognized force standards.

The operator can replicate how the force instruments are used in the field by using different setups for tension and compression, and proper adapters recommended by several standards, including ISO 376.

Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine

The Universal Calibrating Machine (UCM) is a superior alternative to many expensive automated solutions.

These machines often cost 50 % less than other manufacturers' fully automated solutions.

However, an automated option is always available as an upgrade. Please visit Morehouse Automated Hydraulic Force Calibration System for information on our fully automated control upgrade.

Note: This automation system is available as an add-on for any new or existing Morehouse UCM.

The Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine operates efficiently with very low operational and maintenance costs.

Accessories such as quick change tension members, tension member adapters, alignment bushings, and studs are available to help adapt load cells of many varieties for calibration.

An optional Universal Hydraulic Pump (UHP) with an auxiliary screw pump is recommended for capacities over 60,000 lbf.

The UHP system was revised in June 2023 (UHP-C1) with upgraded internal components and 2 speeds for the motor-driven pump that are custom set for each capacity machine.

Features include:

  • Facilitates both compression and tension calibration
  • Reference standard will only need calibration in compression mode. This reduces the lifetime ownership cost compared to machines requiring the reference standard to be calibrated in tension and compression.
  • Accommodates different size load cells and crane scales
  • When used with standards calibrated to ASTM E74 with a Class AA range, ASTM E74 Class A loading ranges can be assigned
  • When used with standards calibrated to ISO 376 Class 00, the machine is capable of calibrating instruments to Class 0.5
  • Design assures axial loading
  • No error from friction loss
  • Matches the accuracy of the reference standard
  • Expanded uncertainties of better than 0.02 % of the applied force, when used with several Morehouse Ultra-Precision Load Cells calibrated using deadweight primary standards
  • Easy to use; training takes less than one hour
  • Capacities from 100 lbf through 3,000,000 lbf (13.3 MN).

If you are looking for an accurate, easy-to-use, cost-effective machine, the Universal Calibration Machine will exceed your needs.

It can be used to calibrate the following force-proving instruments:

Washer Load Cell, Universal Load Cell, Low Capacity Load Cell, Multi-Axis Load Cells, Miniature Load Cells, Button Load Cell, S-Beam Load Cell, Type Load Cell. Strain Gage Load Cell, General Purpose Load Cell, Load Cell, Force Transducer, Digital Force Gauge, Hand Held Force Gage, Force Gage, Dynamometers, Crane Scales, and more.

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How To Unpack and Set Up a Morehouse UCM

Reference Standard Load Cell Set Up in UCM

Compression Load Cell Set Up in UCM

Tension Load Cell Set Up in UCM

Universal Calibrating Machine Timing Adjustment

Universal Calibrating Machine Lubrication

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