Easy to Use Automated Force Calibration System Upgrade

Are you tired of spending too much time calibrating your equipment? Look no further!

Our Automated Force Calibration System is the perfect solution for cal-lab techs who want to increase their work throughput while maintaining precision.

The Morehouse Automated Hydraulic Force Calibration System can be purchased as an upgrade or with any existing Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines or Scale Calibration Press. 

Our machine is precision-crafted, meaning you can trust the accuracy of your calibrations. Plus, the system simplifies calibration operations, saving you valuable time while improving the repeatability of calibrations.

Don't let manual calibration hold you back any longer. Upgrade to our Automated Force Calibration System for a more efficient workflow and consistent results!

Automated Force Calibration System Control Unit

Morehouse automated force calibration systems are precision-crafted machines with a new automated control that has been carefully developed by Morehouse experts and are designed to simplify the operation for cal-lab techs, increase the work throughput, reduce the time to calibrate and increase the repeatability of calibration routines.

In addition, the level of control usually exceeds that of even the most skilled operators. As a result, the overall measurement uncertainty of the calibration process is often drastically reduced.

All system components are designed and manufactured by the company in-house to meet exacting standards for metrology use.

Our new Automatic Control System is modular and available as a completely new system with our Universal Calibration Machines (UCMs) and Scale Calibration Machines (USCs) or as an upgrade to existing machines, as the control capabilities are designed to connect to the hydraulic jack of existing machines in the field with capacities from 30klbf* to 2,250klbf (133kN to 10 MN).

The Automatic Hydraulic Force Calibration System Control is so simple to install.

  1. Unbox it.
  2. Plug it into a standard 120VAC power source using about 8A (Export units can be set to run on 240).
  3. Connect the Hydraulic line to your existing Morehouse UCM or SCM.
  4. Power it on.
  5. Enter or Select Desired Load Sequences and Start Calibrating.

Automated Force Calibration Systems Control Unit System Features:

• Systems consist of automated control and data analysis software. Additional meters for mV/V calibrations can be purchased with the Automaton System.

• Automation software can capture several calibration points in milliseconds with user-set timing profiles, so compliance with ISO 376 and other standards requiring minimum force dwell times is achievable.

• Automation drastically improves repeatability in operation and repeatability studies because the technician can focus more time and effort on the calibration setup

• The operator can set the desired maximum measurement accuracy for the reading (we recommend 0.002 % of reference full scale).

• Quieter than many other systems with a maximum decibel level of 75 dB (measured 6” from the front of the machine), while normal operation is around 60 dB. OSHA standard 1910.95 requires hearing protection at an 8-hour time-weighted average of 85 dB or greater.

• All original observation data are stored and available to meet the requirements of section 7.5.1 of ISO/IEC 17025:2017; note: most automation systems only store the corrected data.

• System can exercise transducers automatically with user-specified loads (force points) and a number of exercise cycles (Morehouse recommends at least 3) before the fully automated force calibration as part of the calibration routine.

• Software allows the technician to calibrate transducers in load sequences using an unlimited number of different load points.

• Automated closed-loop system calculates performance parameters and performs data evaluations per ASTM E74, ISO 376, and other user-defined standards.

• Automated Force Calibration System can be programmed to go to and hold a set force indefinitely, and readings triggered manually – this can be very useful for programming scales, dynamometers, etc.

• Capable of gathering data from an unlimited number of UUTs. The system can automatically gather data from several indicators; several indicator options are available.

• Individual calibration points can be held for specified times, and multiple readings can be taken simultaneously to automate creep tests.

• Software generates, and stores data files and graphs for calibration records are produced and stored.

• All in an extremely mobile system with wheels and a footprint of 22" Width, 25" Depth, and a Height of 60".

• Total weight of the machine is around 250 lbs.

*Note: New 11.2k (50 kN) Automated machines are also available. Existing 10K UCM machines would need to be sent back for an upgrade to use the automated control.

"Business advisors and consultants encourage companies to automate anything that can be automated.

The Morehouse automated force calibration system control for existing and new UCMs and SCMs is not different."

- Henry Zumbrun

The advantages of the automated force calibration system control unit are shown as follows:

  • Programmable control of calibration routines eliminates data entry errors
  • Multiple readings over a user-defined period yield an improved average, better representing the calibrated device output.
  • Automated high-frequency data capture leads to improved accuracy and consistency of results.
  • Programmable and automated control eliminates operator fatigue and subsequent errors.
  • Techs spend time using the calibration data instead of obtaining it.
  • Techs can take more care of calibration set-ups than machine operation, eliminating errors that occur over time.
  • Faster and more accurate calibrations earn you more money

Plus, our system is modular, allowing for the purchase of a Morehouse UCM or SCM now with the ability to purchase and add the automatic control system at a later date; this provides an opportunity to control costs while allowing for the benefit of an automation upgrade at a later date.

Contact sales@mhforce.com to order your automated force calibration system.

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