Best Value Low Capacity Load Cell (From 25-300 lbf)

With accuracies better than 0.02 % of full scale, Morehouse Low Capacity Load Cells are the economical strain gauge based standard of choice for measuring low forces from 2 lbf through 300 lbf.

Common capacities such as 50 and 100 lbf are in stock now!

Low Capacity Load Cell

Morehouse Low Capacity Cells are often the choice for companies that make field measurements in accordance with ASTM E74, &ASTM E4, ISO 376, and ISO 7500, and general field measurements, which may include checking the force of a production press.

These load cells are suitable for the following uses:

  • Applications where alignment is critical
  • To calibrate other load cells or field force systems
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications because it is low profile and more rigid than normal shear web cells
  • To calibrate to ASTM E4 with an ASTM Class A verified range of forces of better than 8 % of capacity
  • Installation into load frames or presses
  • Critical weighing applications, test stands, and wire tension measurement
  • Capacities from 25–300 lbf, or equivalent kgf/Newton
  • Compression and/or tension modes
  • ISO 376 standard meeting Class 1 or better requirement

Morehouse Low Capacity cells are the preferred choice for low-force applications. Available accessories are Quick-Change Tension Members, custom-cut protective cases, and various indicators.


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