4215 Plus Indicator

Designed to cure many calibration headaches, the 4215 Plus indicator helps laboratories lower measurement uncertainty and make better measurements.

The indicator uses a polynomial equation to reduce non-linear load cell errors. When the polynomial equation is used, every calibration will provide new coefficients that will make the indicator read as close to nominal as possible.

The 4215 Plus indicator

The 4215 plus indicator is a standalone unit that does not require additional software, load tables, or computers to use the B coefficients and solve for Force.

It can store coefficients used to predict load cell deflection values throughout the calibrated range. The polynomial equation, fitted to calibration data using the least-squares method, is found on many ASTM E74, ISO 376, and other calibration certificates. The indicator can store 28 load cell calibrations.

Many other indicators use a span calibration, which introduces significant bias (Measurement Error) because the load cell output often fits better to a calibration curve. Sometimes the bias from a calibration span is larger than the load cell specification. The bias adds additional error and increases the measurement uncertainty.

With the 4215 plus, calibrations are performed in mV/V and converted via the polynomial equation to various force units such as gf, lbf, kgf, kN, N, and t.

Any time the unit is sent in for calibration, a new polynomial equation is calculated and entered directly into the indicator. This means additional adjustments are not needed, which reduces calibration costs.

Download our free Coefficient Calculator where you can enter calibration data to generate calibration coefficients.

Morehouse Free Calibration Software: Download Today
Morehouse calibration software allows readings from any number of Morehouse indicators that have a communication output (USB or serial). If multiple indicators are used, their values can be added together to show a total value. The software can do the unit conversion (between force units and mass units), and mass conversion, and adjust the resolution at the values shown, and much more!

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