Custom Load Cells Designed For Your Application

Do you have an application where a standard load cell will not work? Not a problem as we can make custom load cells.

Custom load cells and load cell systems manufactured by Morehouse have been successfully used by several of our customers. We designed a custom load cell to meet these needs:

  • A company in the Nuclear industry needed a load cell with a 5 to 1 safety factor
  • A company in the Oil and Gas industry needed a 6,000,000 lbf compression load cell system
  • A testing company needed a special tension load cell with ACME threads
  • A company in the Nuclear industry needed a wireless load cell with custom rod ends

Whatever your needs, we would like to explore the possibility of designing a strain gauge-based load cell system to meet them.

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Custom Load Cells

Morehouse has engineers from aerospace, civil, and other fields on our team. If you require custom load cells not listed as a standard product, we can discuss designing them specifically for your application.

Our track record includes successfully creating high-capacity custom load cell systems, with the highest capacity reaching 6,000,000 lbf. We also have the capability to manufacture and calibrate compression load cell systems up to 9,000,000 lbf.  We're eager to hear from you if you have a unique application.

Please call 717-843-0081, or email to begin custom load cells discussions today.


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