Load Cell Cases

Equipment gets damaged. Is there any wonder why? People pack things wrong. People put heavy equipment in with fragile indicators. People have problems carrying heavy boxes. Conveyor belts do not stop when things get jammed up. Shipping companies typically do not carefully pick up and place things down.

Your equipment is valuable. Why not protect it? Morehouse offers custom cut foam for existing cases, or a custom case to securely fit your instruments. Our cases have cut down 99 % of the damage during shipment issues. We do see cases with broken latches and where the outside looks like a belt sander was taken to it, but the equipment is always safe.

Load Cell Cases

Morehouse can fit your precious instrument cargo into rugged load cell cases or other cases with custom-cut foam for a perfect fit. This means less worry about damage during shipping and handling. Why risk several thousands of dollars in instruments, along with the additional expenses in annual calibration, by shipping them in poorly constructed or improperly fitted packaging? These load cell cases can also be invaluable for day-to-day transportation and storage within your facility or vehicles.

Load Cell Cases - Pricing

Morehouse features load cell cases and several types and sizes are kept in stock. What we don't carry we can get, and we will always custom cut your case to your instrument(s). Load Cell Cases & Custom cut cases are priced from $295 to $595 for most instruments.

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