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Morehouse Calibration Software

In this new version of our Calibration Software, you will see: an overhaul of the user interface for a better user experience, dark mode via sun/moon icon, collapsible calibration settings and additional indicator panes which allows more than 7 digits to be displayed, and much more!


  • UI Overhaul for a better user experience
  • Dark Mode via sun/moon icon
  • Collapsible calibration settings and additional indicator panes
  • Higher contrast for the seven segment display
  • Allow more than 7 digits to be displayed
  • The most significant digit can no longer be off screen
  • Indicator form now clearly shows a dropdown for the connected load cell
  • Redesign UI to target more resolutions: 720p and higher, 1080p and higher with 150% UI scaling and lower
  • All new forms are centered on the main window
  • Messages boxes have been replaced with themed message boxes
  • The reading interval slider now shows its current value


  • Allows for Morehouse Cert importing (No more typos)
  • A regional decimal separator is now supported (based on PC locale)
  • Specifies a data cell should be selected instead of just a cell
  • Added Peak and Valley readings and a Reset button
  • Values are reset automatically when capturing a reading
  • When an indicator is discovered, the additional indicator pane automatically expands
  • Once all indicators have been activated, the pane will automatically close
  • Support for the Morehouse C705P and G501F
  • New installation experience
  • Replaces the SSCE database requirement with a JSON text file
  • Adds a serial number field for instruments (allows for custom naming that won't break importing certs)
  • Redesign the Excel export (uses tables, named ranges, and formula transparency)
  • Type

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