G501F Single-Channel Load Cell Indicator

The Morehouse G501F is a budget-friendly yet high-performing load cell indicator designed to simplify force measurement in both lab and field settings. This portable device boasts high-resolution measurements, versatile power options (AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, or AC adapter), and multi-point calibration capabilities. Its unique "span algorithm" ensures accuracy comparable to more expensive models, while the direct-read display eliminates input errors. Housed in a durable case with an easy-to-read LCD screen, the G501F offers seamless data transmission to other devices. If you're seeking a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective force measurement solution, the G501F is the perfect choice.


The G501F Single-Channel Load Cell Indicator

The G501F single-channel load cell indicator is suitable for one load cell and does multi-point calibration in both loading modes.

The G501F load cell indicator uses a span algorithm, allowing programmed values to be as close to the desired setpoint as those from similar indicators at the same price point.

Paired with a single load cell, this portable unit is the answer for laboratories that do not need the performance of a higher-end indicator.

Since the indicator is a direct read, users do not need to enter input, read, or other values. This eliminates any measurement risk from data entered incorrectly.

Housed in a durable ABS enclosure, it has an easy-to-read 6-digit LCD display with a backlight. The front panel handles many functions, such as units, peak, zero, and data.

Its full-duplex RS-232 port can transmit data on-demand or continuously to match the input requirements of various peripheral devices, including printers, remote displays, and computers. The single-channel load cell indicator is Canadian-certified.

Designed for easy operation, the G501F single-channel load cell indicator helps laboratories read force measurements in the lab and the field.

If a meter is required for more than one load cell, we recommend our 4215-Plus or C705P.

Note: This meter requires an isolated, clean power source for optimal performance.

If the readings are not stable at zero, it is likely the power is not clean, and operation using batteries might be needed.

Morehouse Free Calibration Software: Download Today
Morehouse calibration software allows readings from any number of Morehouse indicators that have a communication output (USB or serial). If multiple indicators are used, their values can be added together to show a total value. The software can do the unit conversion (between force units and mass units), and mass conversion, and adjust the resolution at the values shown, and much more!

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