Digital Proving Ring

Throughout the world in industry and standards laboratories, the Morehouse Proving Ring is recognized for its lasting reputation of unquestionable accuracy in measuring mechanical forces. It is accepted as a prominent standard for calibrating testing machines, torque-measuring dynamometers, thrust standards, electronic and hydraulic load cells, and many other force-measuring devices and systems.

If you have an older proving ring and want to make it easier to use, Morehouse can help. We have converted many analog proving rings with very positive results. The digital ring reduces operator error, resulting in about a 25 - 50 % improvement in accuracy.

The Morehouse Digital Proving Ring reduces operator error and keeps the known stability of a Morehouse analog proving ring.

Digital proving rings measure the deflection of the ring in electronic "counts" rather than by a mechanical micrometer. This information can be interfaced with a computer so that data can be electronically logged, and the entire process can be automated programmatically. Calculations can be faster, with less operator action.

Proving Rings are known for:

  • Stability: When maintained, Proving Rings have little to zero drift
  • Longevity: Some Proving Rings built in the 1930s are still in use today
  • Accuracy: Proving Rings often maintain uncertainties of 0.0125 - 0.025 % of full scale
  • Reliability: There's a reason a Proving Ring is on the International Space Station. They do not fail.

Available for the following capacities:

Series Capacities Specifications
10K lbf and higher better than 0.05 % of full scale (approx 10,000 counts of resolution)
6K lbf and higher better than 0.025 % of full scale (approx 20,000 counts of  resolution)
2K lbf and higher better than 0.0125 % of full scale (approx 40,000 counts of resolution)

Morehouse has converted many analog proving rings to digital proving rings. In every conversion that we have performed, the ring has vastly improved. We believe the elimination of operator error has, on average, reduced the Type A uncertainty by approximately 30 %.

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