Portable Sensor Display (PSDS)

The PSDS (Portable Sensor Display) allows a simple display of strain bridge-based load cells and pressure gauges with sensitivity up to +/-480 mV/V. Up to six calibration ranges are available allowing for different loading modes (tension and compression) or different sensors.

Each calibration range will remember settings that contribute to the user experience such as selected units and tare values. Up to six display modes are available. The full configuration is available with a free PC-based toolkit which determines what is shown on the LCD display.

Portable Sensor Display (PSDS)

The PSDS (Portable Sensor Display) allows the simple display of strain bridge-based measurements, such as load cells and pressure gauges, with sensitivity up to ± 480 mV/V.

The common application for these Portable Sensor Displays as an indicator for use with most Morehouse load cells is 2 -4 mV/V output, set up to read directly in engineering units (lbf, N, kN, kgf).

PSDS features include:

  • High-resolution ADC providing sensitivity of between 7.5 mV/V to 480 mV/V. (3.3 VDC Excitation)
  • Strain bridge connector for six-wire connection plus TEDS support
  • Two-point calibration via the keypad or comprehensive calibration options via the toolkit.
  • Simple keypad configuration or fully customized via toolkit software
  • 128 x 64 dot matrix display with backlight
  • USB port providing configuration, calibration, save & restore, live logging
  • Ergonomic design with improved grip and shock protection

Note: Typically, most handheld meters are great for applications requiring better than 0.2 % of full-scale accuracy applications. 0.05 % of full scale can be achieved when paired with the right load cell and a more frequent calibration interval. The ideal accuracy specification is typically around 0.1 % of full scale. Note: Accuracy can be better when paired with a Morehouse Precision Load Cell and calibrated in one of our many deadweight machines.

The Morehouse C705P, 4215 Plus, or HADI indicators are much better options capable of better than 0.005 % of full scale or better (often better than 0.002 % of full scale).

Morehouse Free Calibration Software: Download Today
Morehouse calibration software allows readings from any number of Morehouse indicators that have a communication output (USB or serial). If multiple indicators are used, their values can be added together to show a total value. The software can do the unit conversion (between force units and mass units), and mass conversion, and adjust the resolution at the values shown, and much more!

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