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Force Calibration eBook

Morehouse is excited to announce our new eBook, Force Calibration for Technicians and Quality Managers: Top Conditions, Methods, and Systems that Impact Force Calibration Results, written by Henry Zumbrun. Since force calibration is mechanical in nature, there are many factors to consider. This eBook introduces basic topics of force calibration, the methods and instruments used, […]

100 Years and 100 Blog Posts

The 100th blog post, what to do? 100 years in business, 100 blog posts, several papers, and technical articles along the way. Communication has changed from a switchboard phone to a handheld personal computer that can receive this message. From the proving ring to today's deadweight calibrating machines, calibration technology has also changed over the […]

About Morehouse

This article is intended to give a brief history of Morehouse Instrument Company and Information about what Morehouse is beyond force and torque measurement. Morehouse has been in business since March 15, 1920. The company started as a local machine shop. Mr. Morehouse owned the company, and Harry E Zumbrun worked with him. When Mr. […]

Morehouse Training, Sessions, and Presentations at NCSLI 2018 in Portland August 26 - 30

Another year and another NCSLI conference is soon approaching. This year both myself Henry Zumbrun and Edward Lane will be headed out to NCSLI. I will be teaching two tutorials on Monday, August 20th, presenting some torque wrench PT findings and discussing them at the Airline Committee meeting as well as presenting information on our […]

Presenting a Tutorial at NCSL International

Step 1. Write an abstract and state learning objective.    The abstract is the summary of the class. The learning objectives are concise statements about what students will be able to do when they complete instruction. T17 — Fundamentals of Torque Calibration – Imagine Your Torque Calibrations Are Not As Accurate As You Think They […]

Excellence In Innovation - Morehouse Instrument Company 2016 Finalist

Morehouse Instrument Company was honored to be selected as a finalist for Excellence In Innovation. Excellence In Innovation - A culture of innovation is necessary to seize greater opportunities in the global economy.   Finalist were selected for having a strong record and solid reputation for developing new products, adopting new technologies, and improving manufacturing […]

Force and Uncertainty Training

Applied Fundamentals of Force Calibration COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will cover applied force calibration techniques and will include live demonstrations using secondary standards to exhibit potential errors made in everyday force measurements. The measurement errors demonstrated and discussed will include errors associated with improper alignment, use of different and/or incorrect adapter types, thread depth and […]

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