A Military Customer Gets Their 675,000 lbf Universal Calibration Machine

A Military Customer Gets Their 675,000 lbf Universal Calibration Machine

We are happy to announce a 675,000 lbf capacity Universal Calibration Machine (UCM) was designed, manufactured, assembled and recently shipped to a US Navy base. This unique UCM will be used to calibrate high capacity force measurement devices used by for our military.

Morehouse prides itself on finding solutions for any customer. This system machine was ordered in April 2022, and it was designed, in concert with US Navy engineers, within 5 months, machined in 3 months, and assembled last week. The UCM weighs 7,800 lbf and has a maximum height of 158.0" (13 ft) making it taller than the average semi truck.

It has separate areas for calibrating tension devices and compression devices, with a compression opening of 34.5” max, and a tension opening of 50.5” max., either of which load up to 675,000 lbf - to put this number in perspective, a bull elephant can weigh up to 15,000 lb, so this would be similar to a herd of 45 bull elephants standing on a load measurement device.

Universal Calibration Machine

Morehouse's Universal Calibrating Machine operates efficiently with very low operational and maintenance cost. Accessories such as tension member adapters, alignment bushings, and studs are available to help adapt a wide variety of load measurement devices for calibration. We added a hydraulic power control with an auxiliary screw pump for the US Navy's UCM which will allow techs to reach these high capacities.

This UCM includes features below:

  • Facilitates both compression and tension calibration
  • Reference standard will only need calibration in compression mode. This reduces the lifetime ownership cost when compared with machines that require the reference standard to be calibrated in tension and compression.
  • Accommodates different size load cells and crane scales
  • When used with standards calibrated to ASTM E74 with a Class AA range, ASTM E74 Class A loading ranges can be assigned
  • When used with standards calibrated to ISO 376 Class 00, the machine is capable of calibrating instruments to Class 0.5
  • Design assures axial loading
  • No error from friction loss
  • Matches the accuracy of the reference standard
  • Expanded uncertainties of better than 0.02 % of the applied force are achievable
  • Easy to use; training takes less than one hour

If you have more questions about what makes a great force machine or other questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us @ 717-843-0081 to talk to a live person or email info@mhforce.com.

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