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Join Morehouse's Free Webinar on Optimizing Universal Calibrating Machines

Gain the confidence and expertise to optimize your Universal Calibrating Machines and achieve superior accuracy in force-measuring processes during Morehouse Instrument Company’s no-charge webinar, "Optimizing Universal Calibrating Machines,” set for April 11th, at 10 a.m. (EST). Optimizing Universal Calibrating Machines Webinar The comprehensive 90-minute webinar will enhance attendee’s understanding and skill in using Universal Calibrating […]

Load Cell Shunt Calibration Made Easy

Load Cell Shunt Calibration Load Cell Bridge with a Shunt Calibration. Load cell shunt calibration is a cost-effective means to confirm that the load cell and indicator system are not experiencing significant drift or potential damage. Load cell shunt calibration involves introducing a known electrical resistance (shunt resistor) in parallel with the load cell, allowing […]

Metrology Questions Webinar! You have 100 questions? We will have 100 Answers

Metrology Questions Webinar!  Free but RSVP required Are you struggling to find answers to your force calibration questions? Unsure about multi-axis load cell adapters? What indicator is best for your setup? You're not alone. Manuals and chat rooms often fall short, leaving you without clear answers. And we know, in our field, mistakes can be […]

Morehouse Metrology Expert to Present Sessions at A2LA Conference

Metrology expert and President of Morehouse Instrument Company Henry Zumbrun will give two presentations at A2LA AnnCon24! First, on April 23, he’ll present his “Who Needs Another Session on Risk of Decision Rules?” session and explore risk mitigation strategies. Then, in the afternoon, he’ll present his session “ASTM E74 Explained.” In this session, he’ll focus on the standard's […]

My ASTM E74 Change From Previous is Too High: What Could Have Caused This?

ASTM E74 Change From Previous ASTM E74 Change From Previous to meet a two-year calibration interval is found in the ASTM E74 standard in section 11.2.1. The standard specifically states, “Force-measuring instruments shall demonstrate changes in the calibration values over the range of use during the recalibration interval of less than 0.032 % of reading […]

Overcome common load cell measurement errors with our expert video resources: More than 100 videos

Are you struggling with load cell calibration? Are you making critical errors? You are not alone! But worry no more because we have a treasure trove of video resources to help you conquer calibration challenges and achieve accurate force measurements. Browse our videos, from avoiding common load cell measurement errors to selecting and choosing the […]

Comparing Load Cell Meter Filter Settings on Morehouse 4215 Load Cell Meters

Comparing Load Cell Meter Filter Settings on Morehouse 4215 Load Cell Meters A common question at Morehouse we are frequently asked involving our 4215-meter load cell meter is if there is a performance difference between using different filter settings. We decided to take things further for this article by testing a standard 4215 indicator versus […]

Balancing the Top 3 Factors of Choosing a Calibration Provider: Quality, Lead Time, and Price.

Choosing a Calibration Provider In calibration, decisions often involve finding the perfect balance between competing factors. When purchasing calibration products or services, a classic problem arises: quality, lead time, and price—choose any two, but you can't have all three. As one of the greatest singing artists of our generation sang, "Don't be Sad Because Two […]

The Amazing Morehouse MURA Metrology Chatbot

Morehouse MURA Metrology Chatbot Morehouse has launched our Metrology Chatbot. The bot is found on our website and is active on every page. The major advantage of our MURA (Measurement Uncertainty Resource Assistant) is it is trained using all of the material from our website and more. See our official press release here. This might […]

What is Force? An Easy to Understand Explanation

What is Force? In his second law, Sir Isaac Newton stated that force controls motion; therefore, we must control the force if we are to control the motion. An example of force: I have an egg in my hand and want to break it by squeezing it in my hand. This egg will break at […]

10+ Force Units and Conversions

10+ Force Units and Conversions Force Units are interesting as almost anyone can do a search to find the conversions, however, are those search results always correct? We have looked at various force unit converters and decided to make a quick reference post on force units and the conversion to SI units, as well as […]

2 Facts About How a Force Transducer Measures Force

2 Facts About How a Force Transducer Measures Force #1 What is a Transducer? In the broad sense of the term, a transducer is a device that turns one type of energy into another type. Some examples are: What is a transducer, battery example A battery is a transducer that converts chemical energy into electrical […]

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