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What is Force? An Easy to Understand Explanation

What is Force? In his second law, Sir Isaac Newton stated that force controls motion; therefore, we must control the force if we are to control the motion. An example of force: I have an egg in my hand and want to break it by squeezing it in my hand. This egg will break at […]

10+ Great Force Units and Conversions

10+ Great Force Units and Conversions Force Units are interesting as almost anyone can do a search to find the conversions, however, are those search results always correct? We have looked at various force unit converters and decided to make a quick reference post on force units and the conversion to SI units, as well […]

The 2 Best Facts About How a Force Transducer Measures Force

The 2 Best Facts Facts About How a Force Transducer Measures Force #1 What is a Transducer? In the broad sense of the term, a transducer is a device that turns one type of energy into another type. Some examples are: What is a transducer, battery example A battery is a transducer that converts chemical energy […]

Why is Force Important? & 3 Great Force Testing Examples

Why is Force Important? Force measurement is performed so frequently that we take it for granted. Almost every material item is tested using some form of traceable force measurement. For example, the packaging on most materials, including soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and processed foods, is checked for tensile, peel, compressive, and tear strength to ensure the […]

The #1 Most Important thing to know about Compression Force

Compression Force Morehouse Instrument Company has shared tremendous knowledge throughout the years with blogs, technical papers, and webinars. This education aligns with our purpose, to create a safer world by helping companies improve their force and torque measurements. When someone is new to calibration or metrology, the information can be overwhelming. There is so much […]

Top 5 reasons Why Morehouse is a Great fit for Your Force Sensor Calibration

Morehouse Force Sensor Calibration Service People often ask “Why I should use Morehouse for my Force Sensor Calibration?”, so here are the top 5 reasons why you need to use Morehouse for your Force Sensor and Torque calibrations. 1. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service with our primary core value of ‘Promote A […]

Force Calibration Lead Time Problems and 4 Ways you can Avoid them

Force Calibration Lead Time Problems and 4 Ways you can avoid them We all deal with scheduling force calibration a little bit differently, and most of us struggle when our equipment is out for calibration. Imagine this scenario. The company we send our equipment to promises a turnaround time to meet our schedule. That date […]

Load Cells Calibration Basics

Load cells calibration basics and why is it important? What are the best methods and instruments to use? What industry standards or best practices should I follow? If you are new to force calibration or metrology, the information can be overwhelming. Since force calibration is mechanical in nature, there are many factors to consider. Load […]

Force Measurement Terms

Force Measurement Terms In the previous Back-to-Basics blog, I covered Load Cell Indicator Basics. This last blog for beginners contains a glossary of common terms in force measurement. This is a basic list of terms, and some have not been covered. It is important to post these for reference because most of these force measurement […]

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