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Force Calibration Lead Time Problems and 4 Ways you can Avoid them

We all deal with scheduling force calibration a little bit differently, and most of us struggle when our equipment is out for calibration. Imagine this scenario. The company we send our equipment to promises a turnaround time to meet our schedule. That date slips, we are not notified, and we start to feel like we […]

Load Cell Calibration Basics

What is load cell calibration and why is it important? What are the best methods and instruments to use? What industry standards or best practices should I follow? If you are new to force calibration or metrology, the information can be overwhelming. Since force calibration is mechanical in nature, there are many factors to consider. […]

Force Measurement Glossary of Terms

Force Measurement Glossary of Terms In the previous Back-to-Basics blog, I covered Load Cell Indicator Basics. This last blog for beginners contains a glossary of common terms in force measurement. This is a basic list of terms, and some have not been covered. It is important to post these for reference because most of these […]

Load Cell Terminology

In the last Back-to-Basics blog, I covered Measurement Uncertainty. As I continue to cover basic concepts for beginners, this blog details some common load cell terms typically found on a load cell specification sheet. In this post, I will cover Non-Linearity, Non-Repeatability, Hysteresis, and Static Error Band. There are several more terms regarding the characteristics […]

Calibration versus Verification

In the last Back-to-Basics blog, I covered Compression and Tension Force Calibration. As I continue to cover basic concepts for beginners, this blog will cover the differences between calibration and verification. What is a Calibration? Let me start by stating that there are several definitions of calibration across multiple standards. My favorite definitions are below. […]

Compression and Tension Force Calibration

In the last Back-to-Basics blog, I covered How a Transducer Measures Force. As I continue to cover basic concepts for beginners, this blog will cover the terms compression and tension and how they relate to force calibration. What is a Compression Calibration? When discussing compression calibration, we should think about something being compressed or something […]

How a Transducer Measures Force

In our first Back-to-Basics blog, I covered Force Calibration and its Importance. As I continue to cover basic concepts for beginners, this blog will define a transducer and describe how one is used to measure compression and tension force. What is a Transducer? In the broad sense of the term, a transducer is a device […]

2021 Back-to-Basics Series: Force Calibration and its Importance

For the start of the new year and our 101st year in business, we thought about the tremendous amount of knowledge Morehouse Instrument Company has shared throughout the years with blogs, technical papers, and webinars. This education aligns with our purpose, to create a safer world by helpings companies improve their force and torque measurements. […]

Load Cell Creep

The band Radiohead has a song called "creep", it’s a good song.  Really good, it’s true.  This blog post relates nothing to that song.  In our world of load cells, there are three definitions relating to creep.  We typically discuss two of them in our force workshops; hence you will see two of our workshop […]

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