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Load Cell Simulator Calibration Requirements to Calibrate my Digital Indicator: Is it Worth it? 

Load Cell Simulator Calibration Requirements to Calibrate my Digital Indicator: Is it Worth it? We have been asked a bit more frequently lately about the benefits of calibrating everything as a system versus calibrating the load cells and indicators separately and intermixing them using a calibrated load cell simulator. Being able to intermix any load […]

Understanding ISO 376 Morehouse Calibration Certificates

Understanding ISO 376 Morehouse Calibration Certificates Morehouse takes exceptional pride in complying with several published standards. We hold ourselves accountable, raise the standard, and put a lot of effort into making the world safer. We are writing this article to help those who might not understand the ISO 376 standard. We have conducted webinars and […]

Understanding the Calibration Coefficients for Load Cells and Other Force-Measuring Devices

What Calibration Coefficients Do ASTM E74, ISO 376, and other standards may use calibration coefficients to characterize the performance characteristics of continuous reading force-measuring equipment better. These standards may use higher-order fits such as a second or third-order fit (ISO 376) or ASTM E74 allows higher-order fits up to as high as a 5th order. […]

Understanding ISO 376

Our last blog focused on the difference between ISO 376 and ASTM E74. That blog was a comparison between the major differences when comparing both standards and can be found here.  What we hope to do with this blog is go into a bit more detail and explain the ISO 376:2011 Metallic materials — Calibration […]

ASTM E74 is not the same as ISO 376

Morehouse has been performing both ASTM E74 and ISO 376 calibrations for more than fifteen years. We have been calibrating in accordance with the ASTM E74 standard since its introduction in 1974, and performing ISO 376 calibrations since sometime in early 2000. Prior to early 2000, ISO-376 was a DIN standard that later became EN-10002-3 […]

Morehouse ISO 376 Calibration Certificates

Morehouse has been performing ISO 376 calibrations for over the last fifteen years. In this time frame, we have changed our ISO 376 certificate format three times. The latest change offers additional information such as calibration graph per run and is laid out in a way that is much more cohesive making it easier to […]

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