Morehouse ISO 376 Calibration Certificates

February 20, 2018

Morehouse ISO 376 Calibration Certificates

Morehouse has been performing ISO 376 calibrations for over the last fifteen years. In this time frame, we have changed our ISO 376 calibration certificate format three times.

The latest change offers additional information such as a calibration graph per run and is laid out in a way that is much more cohesive making it easier to read and understand.

ISO 376:2011 Metallic materials — Calibration of force-proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines are needed for anyone using force-proving instruments and needed to calibrate to ISO 7500 or other force-proving instruments to ISO 376.

The purpose of this blog is to show a sample certificate. Two follow-up blogs are being written on the differences between ASTM E74 and ISO 376, and ISO 376 explained which Morehouse offers a webinar on.


Morehouse ISO 376 Calibration Certificates

Example of page 1 of our new ISO 376:2011

Classifications typically appear on the first page of the ISO 376 certificate. This Morehouse Ultra-Precision Load Cell passes all Class 00 requirements from 100 lbf to 5000 lbf.

Ultra Precision Load Cell

Compare this page 1 with an example of a non-Morehouse single-column type load cell and the class assignments. The Morehouse cell had a 0.017 % maximum expanded uncertainty and a Class 00 range.

ISO 376 Calibration

Morehouse ISO 376 Calibration Certificates

Page 2 shows raw data with an error from best-fit graph per run

Page 3 shows reduced data, fitted curve values, and the polynomial equations for solving for force and response

Page 4 shows each ISO 376 calibration certificate class assignment per force applied. Since the calibration was Increasing only, page 4 shows creep test results.

If the calibration were increasing and decreasing, then page 4 would show reversibility. The expanded uncertainty equation on page 4 is useful when figuring out calibration and measurement capability.

The Morehouse CMC spreadsheet can use this equation for figuring calibration and measurement capability by ISO 376 and can be downloaded here.

Watch for our upcoming blogs to learn more about the ISO 376 standard.

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