Morehouse Holiday Message: Deck the Halls with Boughs of Calibration

Morehouse Holiday Message: Measurements Meet Mistletoe

Ho, Ho, Hold onto your festive hats (or grip your Festivus Poles tightly!) because it's that wonderful time of the year again! Here at Morehouse, the self-proclaimed (and never disputed) Galaxy’s #1 Torque & Force Measurement Products & Services provider, we're ready to spread holiday cheer and a sprinkle of our metrological magic!

Whether you're gathered around a twinkling Christmas Tree, airing out your best grievances around a Festivus Pole, or celebrating in your special way, we've got a festive thank you that weighs in just right. This year, just like Santa relies on his reindeer, you relied on us for all your force and torque measurement needs, helping us create a safer (and more accurately measured) world.

Oh, and speaking of Santa –we're the elves behind the scenes making sure his sleigh's load cells are as balanced as your holiday diet. There is no risk of Santa missing a chimney due to a calibration error on our watch!

As 2023 draws to a close, we're reminded of the importance of the unseen – like the precise weight of the last piece of holiday pie (who's measuring, right?). Your trust and collaboration have been the secret ingredients in our recipe for a century of success.

And now, for a gift that's truly in the spirit of Morehouse – sign up to get your free copy of the 2024 edition of our book, "Force Calibration for Technicians and Quality Managers."  It's like the holiday blockbuster of the metrology world, a must-read for anyone who wants their force calibrations as spot-on as their holiday decorations.  We will email you a link to download it when it is ready in 2024.

Looking ahead to 2024, we're as excited as kids on Christmas Eve about further reducing measurement uncertainties. Imagine a world where every light on the tree is perfectly aligned – the future we aim for.

Thank you for your unwavering support through 2023. We're revved up for another year of growth, learning, and maybe, just maybe, quantifying the exact weight of holiday cheer.

Here's to a holiday season filled with joy, precise force and torque measurements, and a New Year that balances happiness and success.

Stay festive, stay precise!

Your jolly friends at Morehouse

PS: Don't wait for an end-of-year newsletter to keep up with the latest in metrology! Dive into our blogs throughout the year for your regular dose of measurement insights, tips, and the occasional geeky fun. Because in the world of metrology, every day is a day to learn something new!Morehouse Holiday Message

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