Core Strength: A Snap shot of 5 Values Driving Morehouse Instrument Company

February 14, 2024

Core Values are the Core Strength of Morehouse

At Morehouse Instrument Company, our core values are the bedrock of our identity and the guiding light for our actions. These values aren't just words on a page; they're principles we embody in our daily work, creating a dynamic culture that propels innovation, energizes our team, and solidifies our customers' trust. Our commitment to these core values fosters a collaborative environment where every member is empowered to excel, adapt, and contribute to our shared goal of excellence. This dedication to our values ensures that we meet and exceed our customers' expectations, building a foundation of loyalty and trust beyond our products and services.

Core Value:   Promote A Positive Customer Experience

At Morehouse, our commitment to our customers guides every action and decision. Our core value, "Promote a Positive Customer Experience," isn't just a principle; it's a core strength and the cornerstone of our operations. We achieve this by setting realistic expectations,  Morehouse Core Strength Morehouse Core Values maintaining proactive communication, and delivering solutions that surpass our customers' expectations.

Lab repair technician Joachim Hall embodies our core value by ensuring that every repair, big or small, is handled with utmost care and precision. His attention to detail means that our customers' equipment, like load cells and cables, are repaired and enhanced for long-term reliability.

Joachim goes the extra mile. Whether it's reattaching a missing connector screw at no extra cost or double-checking solder connections on every new cable, his commitment to quality is unwavering. Joachim uses high-quality connectors and thorough testing to ensure that each cable we send out is built to last, reflecting our promise of durability and excellence.

Did you know? Sometimes, what seems unfixable can be revived in the hands of an expert. Joachim has saved our customers significant costs by repairing equipment that was thought to be beyond saving, further cementing our commitment to a positive customer experience.

At Morehouse Instrument Company, it's not just about the services we offer but the experiences we create. Thanks to team members like Joachim, we're more than a calibration and repair service – we're a trusted partner in ensuring the longevity and reliability of your essential equipment.

Core Value:  Raise the Standard

Morehouse Core Strength Morehouse Core ValuesAt Morehouse Instrument Company, our mission goes beyond simply providing calibration services; we elevate your entire measurement process. Central to our ethos is the core value of "Raise the Standard," a principle that permeates every aspect of our work.

Ryan Pfeiffer, our Senior Lab Technician, truly embodies this core value. More than a technician, Ryan is a mentor and innovator, constantly seeking ways to enhance our services and the customer experience. A prime example is when a recurring issue arose with a client who frequently sent in equipment requiring a proprietary program and specialized cable — often forgetting to include the crucial cable and laptop. Recognizing the potential for improvement, Ryan took the initiative to engage directly with the company. His expertise and proactive communication led to an innovative solution: crafting a specialized cable in-house and installing the necessary software. This streamlined the process for the client, eliminating the hassle of sending a laptop back and forth, and significantly improved our turnaround time.

This story highlights how "Raise the Standard" is more than a motto at Morehouse; it's a practice. By enhancing customer experience and refining our processes, Ryan demonstrated our unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations. This approach has solidified Morehouse's reputation as a provider of calibration services and a leader in precision, accuracy, and integrity. Our dedication to raising the standard benefits our clients through reduced downtime and increased productivity, ensuring we remain an indispensable partner in the industry.

Core Value:  Own Your Actions

“Own Your Actions" is a pivotal core value at Morehouse Instrument Company, emphasizing the importance of taking full responsibility for our actions, outcomes, and results. This principle underpins our commitment to quality and precision, ensuring every Core Strength Core Values employee maintains the highest standards in everything we do.

Ashly Carter, our Quality Manager, embodies this value with a focus beyond the immediate tasks. In quality management, owning your actions is crucial. It's about more than just accountability; it's about being a key player in the ongoing pursuit of excellence. Ashley's role is instrumental in minimizing failures and mitigating risks, tasks that require a thorough understanding of how each process interconnects and influences the broader operational flow of the company.

The impact of this responsibility is profound, affecting not just individual workflows but the organization. She ensures each step meets Morehouse's high standards. When something doesn't go as planned, she leads the charge in reviewing and improving our processes. This approach not only fixes immediate issues but also strengthens our overall operations, ensuring we consistently deliver the quality our customers expect and trust. This dedication is why our clients can rely on us for the utmost care and precision in every calibration service we provide.

Our customers recognize and appreciate this dedication to quality. They trust that when their equipment is entrusted to Morehouse, it will receive the highest care and precision calibration. This trust results from our collective commitment to "Own Your Actions," a core value and a core strength that Ashly and the Morehouse team live by daily.

Core Value:    Speak Your Own Truth With An Open Mind

Core Strength Core Value Morehouse At Morehouse Instrument Company, our dedication to integrity isn't just a statement – it's a deeply ingrained practice. Our core value, "Speak Your Own Truth with an Open Mind, ," is the guiding principle behind everything we do, from our interactions within our team to our engagements with our valued customers.

This value is more than words; it is a commitment to authenticity and precision. Calibration technician John Eggers captures this ethos perfectly: "We are honest regarding our calibrations and the equipment customers entrust to us. This value is not just about being truthful; it extends to fostering a work environment where open communication and the best course of action are paramount. We apply this value every day, in every task we undertake."

Why does this matter? Because in the world of calibration, accuracy is not just expected; it is essential. Our promise to 'Speak Your Own Truth' ensures that our clients always receive reliable results. They may not be as accurate as someone wants or perform better than expected. Either way, team members like John are ensuring you can trust the results you get from them. After all, it's not just about delivering a service; it's about building trust through transparency and expertise.

At Morehouse, you're not just working with a company.  You're partnering with a team that values integrity as much as you do.

Core Value:  Trust the Team

At Morehouse Instrument Company, embracing teamwork is fundamental to our operations. "Trust the Team" is a core value that underscores our commitment to collaboration and mutual support. When you join Morehouse, you become vital to a workforce Morehouse Core strength Morehouse Core Values dedicated to achieving excellence.

Tim Wetzel, a calibration engineer who recently became part of our team, exemplifies this value through his experiences. Despite being new, Tim has deeply benefited from his colleagues' collective wisdom and support. The lab technicians have played a crucial role in his onboarding, imparting their calibration knowledge and insights into achieving precision. This guidance has been key to Tim's rapid professional development and growing trust in our team's expertise.

This trust isn't limited to the confines of the lab. Tim is confident in our sales team's ability to secure ongoing projects, ensuring a consistent workload. He also believes in the technical team's capacity to think critically and evolve our processes, a crucial aspect of our continuous improvement efforts.

For Tim and all of us at Morehouse, this culture of trust is essential for sustaining the high quality of our products and services. His story highlights the impact of teamwork and trust on fostering a culture of learning, innovation, and quality, proving that when we come together, the possibilities are limitless.

Core Values at Work

At Morehouse Instrument Company, our core values do more than guide our internal processes; they are a core strength and the essence of our commitment to you, our valued customer. By integrating these principles into every facet of our work, we ensure that each interaction and every calibration service we provide is imbued with the highest levels of quality, precision, and care. This steadfast dedication to our core values is what sets us apart and makes us your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled accuracy and reliability in your measurements. With these values as our foundation, we look forward to continuing to serve your needs and exceed your expectations, proving that at Morehouse, excellence is not just a standard but a promise.

Our Core Belief

We believe in changing how people think about force and torque calibration in everything we do.

This includes setting expectations on load cell reliability and challenging the "just calibrate it" mentality by educating our customers on what matters and what causes significant errors.

We focus on reducing these errors and making our products simple and user-friendly.

This means your instruments will pass calibration more often and produce more precise measurements, giving you the confidence to focus on your business.

Companies around the globe rely on Morehouse for accuracy and speed.

Our measurement uncertainties are 10-50 times lower than the competition.

We turn around your equipment in 7-10 business days so you can return to work quickly, saving you money.

When you choose Morehouse, you're not just paying for a calibration service or a load cell.

You're investing in peace of mind, knowing your equipment is calibrated accurately and on time.

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