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Embracing the 'I Don't Know It All' Mindset or From Cat Valedictorians to Force Calibration

I often say I'm usually not the smartest person in the room, and if I am, it's likely I'm alone. This light-hearted admission isn't just self-deprecating humor; it reflects my belief in continual growth and learning. I recall jesting with my children about finishing second in my high school class, a humorous anecdote considering I […]

Analyzing success: Learn From When Things Go Right!

When things go wrong in many fields, there's a lot of talk about it. If a surgery doesn't go well, everyone wants to know why. The same goes for building collapses, unsuccessful legislation or political campaigns, and military setbacks. Failure is often dissected and analyzed, but a crucial aspect of organizational learning is frequently overlooked: […]

Team-Building Lessons from the Boxing Ring to the Calibration Lab

Back in my boxing days, when I was more familiar with the canvas than a painter, I learned some crucial lessons that surprisingly apply to team building and management. Picture this: I'm in the ring, southpaw stance, fancying myself the next Smoking Joe Frazier. Reality, however, had a different script. My boxing nickname? "Canvas." Yep, […]

Stay Teachable, My Friends

A friend recently shared a post that resonated with me deeply. It said, "Stay teachable." These two words beautifully encapsulate the essence of continuous learning, whether it's through training classes, attending symposiums, or any form of education. This simple phrase highlights the importance of keeping an open mind and the willingness to learn, no matter […]

Finding the Missing Piece to the Limited Talent Puzzle: Can Automation Fill Those Gaps

The Talent Puzzle: Is Automation the Final Piece? Do you like putting together jigsaw puzzles? They are fun on rainy days. Everybody has a strategy for these, and mine is to sort the pieces so I can put together the outer edge of the puzzle and work inward from there. I admit that I get […]

Why Workplace Pride Matters to Customers

Workplace Pride Matters In modern workplaces, where titles can be as extravagant as a Hollywood red carpet event, there exists a subtle yet profound force: workplace pride. It's more than just a warm and fuzzy feeling; it's a cornerstone of employee engagement and organizational success. But what exactly is workplace pride? Employees feel a sense […]

Core Strength: A Snap shot of 5 Values Driving Morehouse Instrument Company

Core Values are the Core Strength of Morehouse At Morehouse Instrument Company, our core values are the bedrock of our identity and the guiding light for our actions. These values aren't just words on a page; they're principles we embody in our daily work, creating a dynamic culture that propels innovation, energizes our team, and […]

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