Convenient PSD Hand-Held Load Cell Indicator

The PSD is a hand-held, battery-powered, two-channel indicator for strain gauge-based load cells. It is a simplistic, easy-to-use indicator that is close to a direct reading system.

Prior to starting a calibration or verification check, the user simply needs to plug in the load cell, turn on the unit, and press tare. The unit has a peak hold feature to remember the maximum force applied.

This product has been replaced with our PSDS indicator, as we continue to provide better technology for our customers.

Convenient PSD Hand Held Load Cell Indicator

The PSD hand-held load cell indicator weighs only 250 grams and is easy to carry. It is an ideal replacement for harder-to-use meters that require multiple input and read values.

PSD hand-held load cell indicator features include:

  • Portable digital display for use as a strain gauge indicator or load/torque cell indicator
  • Powered by 2 AA Batteries
  • Waterproof IP65 NEMA4 battery powered
  • 7-digit LCD display, with battery, peak, trough, net, overload, and shunt cal indication
  • Battery life of 450 hrs in power save mode
  • Tactile keyboard, with on/off, range select, peak/valley hold, and gross/net controls
  • Microprocessor-based, allowing single pass calibration facility (direct mV/V)
  • The dual range for values such as Kg and lb
  • TEDS enabled for automatic sensor calibration (IEEE1451 - template 33)
  • 2 Channel Indicator (We can set up one load cell tension and compression on separate channels)

Check out this video on the operation of Morehouse's PSD handheld load cell indicator.

Note: Typically, most handheld meters are good for applications requiring better than  0.2 % of full-scale accuracy applications. 0.05 % of full scale can be achieved when paired with the right load cell and a more frequent calibration interval. The ideal accuracy specification is around 0.1 % of full scale. If the calibration requirements are to either ASTM E74 or ISO 376, the PSD is not a good fit.

The Morehouse C705P, 4215 Plus, or HADI indicators are much better options capable of better than 0.005 % of full scale or better (often better than 0.002 % of full scale).

This product has been replaced with our PSDS indicator, as we continue to provide better technology for our customers.

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