The Top 5 Benefits of Automating Force Calibration

The Top 5 Benefits of Automating Force Calibration

Automating Force Calibration
Morehouse Automatic Hydraulic Force Calibration System Control and 30 Morehouse UCM

In the ever-evolving world of technology, automation has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing various sectors, including metrology.

Imagine setting up a load cell, crane scale, or any force-measuring instrument and being able to pay more attention to the setup and not having to control the machine.

Imagine, too, only having to record the load reading on the instrument if the data capture can be automated instead of manually holding the force point and simultaneously recording the load values.

Morehouse’s new modular Automatic Hydraulic Force, Calibration System Control, will simplify the calibration technician’s workflow and provide untold benefits.

When the data capture can be automated, imagine only having to write down the instrument reading instead of holding the force point manually and writing simultaneously.

Our new Automatic Hydraulic Force Calibration System Control will simplify the calibration technicians’ workflows and can provide numerous benefits. The control can be purchased as an upgrade to any existing UCM or SCM, or it can be purchased with any new UCM or SCM.

These include:

#1.  Efficiency and Accuracy: Automating force calibration significantly reduces the chances of human error, leading to more accurate and reliable results. For instance, Morehouse's new automated control allows for programmable control, enabling the end-user to set timing and loading sequences, including data capture.

This leads to better results as multiple readings can be taken over a defined period, resulting in an average value that best represents the output of the calibrated device.

#2. Consistency: Automated systems ensure consistency in operations that an operator may not be able to achieve manually. Timing profiles can be set to ensure uniformity in the process, leading to more consistent and reliable results.

automated calibration machine advantages

#3. Data Management: Automation simplifies data management. Automated data capture routines can take hundreds of samples, yielding more accurate results.

All data can easily be exported to your current calibration software or used with LabVIEW and other programs through the machine's USB port.

All original observation data are stored and available to meet the requirements of section 7.5.1 of ISO/IEC 17025:2017; note: most automation systems only store the corrected data.

#4. Time and Cost Efficiency: Automating force calibration saves time by performing tasks more quickly and efficiently than manual processes. This time-saving aspect translates into cost savings, making automation a cost-effective solution in the long run.

specific and global risk
Automation Can Improve Measurement Uncertainty

#5. Improved Measurement Uncertainty: If you are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and calibrate force measuring instruments, an Automation upgrade to an existing Morehouse UCM or SCM can drastically improve repeatability in operation and repeatability studies because the technician can focus more time and effort on the calibration setup.

This allows for lower measurement uncertainty, lowering the relative expanded uncertainty for a wider range of use and enlarging the acceptance intervals.


Automating Force Calibration
Morehouse Standalone Control for Automating Force Calibration

Our Automatic Hydraulic Force Calibration System Control is modular and available as a completely new system with our Universal Calibration Machines (UCMs) and Scale Calibration Machines (USCs) or as an upgrade to existing machines, as the control capabilities are designed to connect to the hydraulic jack of existing machines in the field with capacities from 30klbf* to 2,250klbf (133kN to 10 MN).

The Automatic Hydraulic Force Calibration System Control is simple to install on an existing Morehouse UCM or SCM.

  1. Unbox it.
  2. Plug it into a standard 120VAC power source using about 8A (Export units can be set to run on 240).
  3. Connect the Hydraulic line to your existing Morehouse UCM or SCM.
  4. Power it on.
  5. Set up your UUT using the appropriate fixturing
  6. Enter or Select Desired Load Sequences, and Start Calibrating.
The Top 5 Benefits of Automating Force Calibration - Conclusion

In conclusion, automating force calibration offers many benefits, from improved accuracy and consistency to efficient data management leading to cost savings.

As it becomes harder to find skilled calibration technicians and as we continue to advance technologically, the role of automation in enhancing productivity and efficiency will only become more significant.

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Everything we do, we believe in changing how people think about force and torque calibration. We challenge the "just calibrate it" mentality by educating our customers on what matters and what causes significant errors, and focus on reducing them.

Automating force calibration will increase repeatability and help reduce measurement uncertainty.

Morehouse makes simple-to-use calibration products. We build awesome force equipment that is plumb, level, square, and rigid and provide unparalleled calibration service with less than two-week lead times.

Contact us at 717-843-0081 to speak to a live person or email for more information.

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