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What is the best load cell for a reference standard?

What is the best load cell I can use as a reference standard? This question appears straightforward, but once we start to examine the issue, it takes a series of questions to answer. The most common answer is, "Well… that depends on what your expectations are." If your expectation is only performance, without regard to […]

Load Cell Indicator Basics

In the last Back-to-Basics blog, I covered Load Cell Troubleshooting. As I continue to cover basic concepts for beginners, this blog covers the basics of a load cell indicator. Morehouse High Accuracy Digital Indicator (HADI) When force is exerted on a load cell, the mechanical energy is converted into equivalent electrical signals. The load cell […]

New Single Channel Load Cell Indicator

We are now offering a single channel load cell indicator PD6100, which displays precise, accurate force and weight measurements. It accepts a direct strain gauge, load cell or mV input and displays it in scaled engineering units. The full-featured indicator is easy-to-use for force and weight measurement applications. Its dual-line display and dual-scale capability allows the […]

Types of Load Cells

In the last Back-to-Basics blog, I covered Load Cell Terminology. As I continue to cover basic concepts for beginners, this blog details the common load cell types used in force measurement and how to choose the right load cell type for your application. The four types of load cells typically used in force measurement are […]

Morehouse 600K Light Weight Load Cell System for ASTM E4 Calibration of Concrete Machines

Figure 1 Morehouse Concrete System with High Stability Indicator This blog is going to discuss the Morehouse Concrete Compression Machine Calibration kit and the potential error sources associated with using a material with a different hardness than what the system was calibrated with. Morehouse has created a kit to minimize the common compression error sources […]

Morehouse Versatile Cable Tensiometer and Force-Measuring Instrument Calibrator

Figure 1 Morehouse 2,000 lbf Cable Tensiometer At Morehouse Instrument Company, we’re justifiably very proud of our new 2,000 lbf Cable Tensiometer Model PCM-2MD-T1. You can see in figure 1 (above) that our new Tensiometer calibrator provides a safe and practical way to calibrate cable tensiometers. The machine is built with safety, ease of use, […]

Automatic Deadweight Load Cell Calibration Instrument for Improved Force Calibration Results

Figure 1: Morehouse 1,000 lbf Automatic Load Cell Calibration Machine The machines used to calibrate load cells may vary from ones with the lowest overall uncertainty such as deadweight force standard machines sometimes called primary standards to single or multiple transducer machines. Some labs may even use a Universal Testing Machine, or a homemade press […]

Without the Right Adapters a Force Calibration Technician is Nothing Short of Being Called a Miracle Worker

Figure 1 Bent Rod End Think about that for a minute. Would you want a surgeon to operate on you with kitchen utensils such as a serrated knife? Then why do some people (management cough) expect or ask the force calibration technician to calibrate load cells, truck & aircraft scales, tension links, dynamometers, and other […]

Tensile Calibration Adapter Breakthrough! Morehouse Force Calibration Adapters for Calibration of Lifting Devices such as Crane Scales, Tension Links, and Dynamometers.

Figure 1 Morehouse Quick Change Tension Member System I am about to tell you a little bit about our calibration adapter history and what we have been working on to simplify your life when it comes to calibrating multiple force instrument types. We have a Bulletin 271-18 that has well over 100 different configurations of adapters for tension […]

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