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Specific Force-Measuring Instrument(s)

Specific Force-Measuring Instrument(s) Introduction At Morehouse, we have covered various sections of the ASTM E74 standard over numerous articles, papers, and posts. We have not covered specific force-measuring instruments for all of those various pieces. Yet, we frequently perform many calibrations and have sold equipment designed specifically for this criteria. Even though many customers have […]

Morehouse Instrument Company Launches Select Savings Page for Load Cells, Indicators, and Other Quality Equipment

Select Savings on Precision Equipment Morehouse Instrument Company, the industry leader in calibration services, announced the launch of its Select Savings products. Select Savings are gently used load cells, indicators, analyzers, and quality-tested equipment at significantly reduced prices.  The products are found on the website at Each item undergoes a rigorous quality check and […]

Morehouse PCMs in Healthcare: Precision You Can Trust. Patient Outcomes You Can Measure.

Portable Calibrating Machines (PCMs) in Healthcare Imagine a scenario crucial to patient care: a muscle strength test conducted with a hand-held dynamometer. The outcome dictates treatment plans, diagnoses, and recovery milestones. The precision of this device must be balanced; inaccuracies can lead to misdiagnoses, compliance issues, and wasted resources, compromising patient safety and institutional integrity. […]

Budget-Savvy Calibration Quality Machines Without Compromise

Budget-Savvy Calibration Machines When it comes to precision in force calibration, your needs can vary as much as choosing between a Bugatti and a Cadillac. Each has its place, offering distinct advantages depending on your requirements. At Morehouse Instrument Company, we understand that variety is key and are here to provide you with the best […]

Cal-Lab Revolution: Morehouse's Cutting-Edge Automated System Unveiled in New Video (Boost Productivity by 75 % Now!)

Cutting-Edge Automated System Morehouse Instrument Company proudly introduces a video tour of its Automated Force Calibration System, a game-changer for precision measurement. Available as an upgrade for your existing Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine or Universal Scale Calibrator, this system is the perfect solution for Cal-lab techs who want to increase their work throughput while maintaining […]

Order Load Cells Now for Year-End Benefits!

 Order Load Cells Now for Year-End Benefits! As the year draws to a close, it's the perfect time to think ahead and prepare for your 2024 projects. At Morehouse, we're here to ensure that your measurement needs are met with precision and reliability. Now is the ideal opportunity to make your end-of-year purchases, securing the […]

Automated Force Calibration Control Unit Increases Work Throughput Up to 75%: Exclusive, Proprietary Solution by Morehouse

Automated Force Calibration System The Morehouse Instrument Company Automated Force Calibration System stands as an exclusive, proprietary solution meticulously crafted for seamless integration with Morehouse hydraulic rams (part of the Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines), accommodating pressures up to 4500 PSI—capabilities that outshine conventional hydraulic and automated controls limited to 3000 PSI. The automation control system […]

8 Steps on How to Foster a Positive Uncertainty Budget for a Morehouse Calibrated Machine

How to Develop an Uncertainty Budget for a Morehouse Calibrated Machine Uncertainty budgets are an essential part of any measurement. They help ensure calibrations are metrologically traceable, accurate, and reliable. Uncertainty budgets are also important for meeting regulatory requirements and accreditation. This article provides insight into developing an uncertainty budget for a Morehouse-calibrated machine. We […]

Easy Guide on How to Calibrate Cable Tensiometers

How to Calibrate Cable Tensiometers. Does the Type of Cable GAC versus SSAC Make a Difference? What is a Cable Tensiometer? Cable tensiometers are devices used to measure the tension or force in cables, wires, and ropes. They are commonly employed in engineering, construction, and industrial applications to ensure the proper tension of cables to […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Automating Force Calibration

The Top 5 Benefits of Automating Force Calibration In the ever-evolving world of technology, automation has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing various sectors, including metrology. Imagine setting up a load cell, crane scale, or any force-measuring instrument and being able to pay more attention to the setup and not having to control the machine. Imagine, […]

My Load Cell Calibration Does Not Match What the Certificate Says

My Load Cell Calibration Does Not Match What the Certificate Says Being in the business of calibrating force and torque instruments means you will run across scenarios where the equipment sent in for calibration performs differently than the last calibration. You might also run into a situation where the end-user does some checks on their […]

G501F Single-Channel Digital Load Cell Indicator Delivers Value and Portability

G501F Single-Channel Digital Load Cell Indicator The new Morehouse G501F single-channel load cell indicator provides high value at a low cost, delivering reliable performance and high-resolution measurements. Paired with a single load cell, this portable load cell indicator is the answer for laboratories that do not need the performance of a higher-end readout. Since the […]
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