Budget-Savvy Calibration Quality Machines Without Compromise

Budget-Savvy Calibration Machines

When it comes to precision in force calibration, your needs can vary as much as choosing between a Bugatti and a Cadillac. Each has its place, offering distinct advantages depending on your requirements. At Morehouse Instrument Company, we understand that variety is key and are here to provide you with the best options for your calibration needs.

Deadweight calibrating machines are the Bugatti’s of the force calibration world. Opting for a Morehouse Instrument Company deadweight machine means a significant investment in unparalleled accuracy and reliability. These machines represent the pinnacle of force calibration, ideal for those prioritizing minimizing measurement risk and achieving the best chance of a Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR) of better than 4.6:1.  Budget-Savvy Calibration Machines

When we say best chance, that means our uncertainty of better than 0.002 % with deadweight, is quite low. However, the overall 95 % Expanded Uncertainty of the process includes contributors from the Unit Under Test (UUT). Thus, you must have equipment that is repeatable and has enough resolution so as not to skew the overall TUR numbers.

Budget-Savvy Calibration MachinesWhat if your needs call for something reliable, durable, and accessible? That is where our Cadillac comes into play. The Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine (UCM) offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective hydraulic force calibration solution that has stood the test of time.

With machines built in the 1950s still in operation today, their longevity is unmatched.

Additionally, we provide an innovative Automated Force Calibration System upgrade tailored for those aiming to enhance their calibration capabilities with the UCM. This upgrade streamlines the training process for calibration lab technicians. Equipped with safety features and multiple controls, this system minimizes expensive errors like overloading load cells. Moreover, it enhances productivity by as much as 75%, improving reproducibility, repeatability, and overall consistency in the calibration processes.

Finding the right equipment in force calibration is like choosing between a high-performance sports car and a reliable sedan. At Morehouse Instrument Company, we understand that different calibration needs call for different solutions. Whether your calibration demands the unmatched precision of a Bugatti or a Cadillac's reliable, enduring performance, Morehouse Instrument Company has the solution. Both options represent wise investments in the accuracy and efficiency of your calibration processes.

Let us help you select the perfect tool for your calibration needs, ensuring your instruments perform at their best, day in and day out. Contact us at sales@mhforce.com or visit online at www.mhforce.com

Budget-Savvy Calibration Products & Services

Companies around the globe rely on Morehouse for accuracy and speed.  The company turns around equipment in 7-10 business days so customers can return to work quickly, saving them money.

The York, PA-based company provides force and torque measurement products and services worldwide.

About Morehouse Instrument Company

Morehouse Instrument Company, a trusted and accredited provider of force and torque measurement services for over 100 years, offers measurement uncertainties 10-50 times lower than the competition.

Morehouse helps commercial labs, government labs, and other organizations lower their measurement risk by lowering equipment uncertainties for torque and force measurement.  Contact Morehouse at info@mhforce.com   Follow Morehouse on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/accurateforceandtorquecal; LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/morehouse-instrument-co/mycompany/ and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/mhforcecalibration


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