Automated Force Calibration Control Unit Increases Work Throughput Up to 75%: Exclusive, Proprietary Solution by Morehouse

Automated Force Calibration System

The Morehouse Instrument Company Automated Force Calibration System stands as an exclusive, proprietary solution meticulously crafted for seamless integration with Morehouse hydraulic rams (part of the Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines), accommodating pressures up to 4500 PSI—capabilities that outshine conventional hydraulic and automated controls limited to 3000 PSI.

The automation control system is purpose-built to interface exclusively with Morehouse UCMs, drawing power from a standard 120V AC outlet, eliminating the need for additional outlets or structural modifications.

Morehouse, a trusted and accredited provider of force and torque measurement services for over 100 years, is the sole manufacturer providing equipment capable of automating its Universal Calibrating Machines, and this specialized add-on is precisely tailored for optimal performance under the high pressures typical of their machines.

In addition to these proprietary technical advantages, the Morehouse Automated Force Calibration Control Unit offers unique features:

  1. Low Noise Levels: Operating at a maximum decibel level of 75 dB (measured 6” from the front of the machine), with normal operation around 60 dB, this system exceeds OSHA standards for noise protection, eliminating the need for additional hearing protection.
  2. Data Security: All original observation data is securely stored and easily accessible, ensuring compliance with the stringent requirements of section 7.5.1 of ISO/IEC 17025:2017. This distinguishes it from many other automation systems that only store corrected data.
  3. Mobility: The system's exceptional mobility, facilitated by wheels and a compact footprint (22" Width, 25" Depth, and a Height of 60"), further underscores its proprietary nature and exclusivity, positioning it as an unparalleled solution in the realm of force calibration.

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Automated Force Calibration System

Why purchase the Automated Force Calibration System?  A perfect reason is that it leads to increased work throughput.  Increased work throughput means a company can increase productivity by 25 - 75 % by having a technician calibrate the equipment and then run the automation.

While the automation runs, the technician can do paperwork, get the next force instrument ready for calibration, and do countless other things.

We see a 50 % increase in throughput from our lab's automated force calibration upgrade..

The reason only 50 % is we set the control to hold 0.001 % of FS for 30 seconds at each point.

One could set the control to 0.005 % of FS and the hold to 15 seconds a point for much quicker run times.

Plus, our system is modular, allowing for the purchase of a Morehouse UCM or SCM now with the ability to purchase and add the automatic control system at a later date; this provides an opportunity to control costs while allowing for the benefit of an automation upgrade at a later date.

Automated Force Calibration System

The Morehouse Automated Force Calibration System can be purchased as an upgrade or with any existing Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machines or Scale Calibration Press. 

The machine is precision-crafted, meaning clients can trust the accuracy of calibrations. Plus, the systemAutomated Force Calibration Control Unit simplifies calibration operations, saving customers valuable time while improving the repeatability of calibrations.

The advantages of the automated force calibration system control unit are shown as follows:

  • Programmable control of calibration routines eliminates data entry errors.
  • Multiple readings over a user-defined period yield an improved average, better representing the calibrated device output.
  • Automated high-frequency data capture leads to improved accuracy and consistency of results.
  • Programmable and automated control eliminates operator fatigue and subsequent errors.
  • Techs spend time using the calibration data instead of obtaining it.
  • Techs can take more care of calibration set-ups than machine operation, eliminating errors that occur over time.

Contact customer support at or via email at to order your automated force calibration system.

Companies around the globe rely on Morehouse for accuracy and speed.  The company turns around equipment in 7-10 business days so customers can return to work quickly, saving them money.

The York, PA-based company provides force and torque measurement products and services worldwide.

About Morehouse Instrument Company

Morehouse Instrument Company, a trusted and accredited provider of force and torque measurement services for over 100 years, offers measurement uncertainties 10-50 times lower than the competition. Morehouse helps commercial labs, government labs, and other organizations lower their measurement risk by lowering equipment uncertainties for torque and force measurement.

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