Universal Scale Calibrator

Aircraft and truck scale calibration often requires special adapters to simulate a tire. Scales come in a variety of sizes and have specific tolerances. Many other calibration laboratories do not use the right adapters or consider the impact of the uncertainty of the reference standard used for calibration.

If you need to certify something is within a  tolerance of 0.1 % of applied force, it is very difficult to use a standard with a 0.1 % accuracy.

Measurement uncertainty must be taken into account, and the further away from an NMI (National Metrology Institute), the larger the uncertainty will become. If the Uncertainty of the measurement is not less than the tolerance required, then there will be a significant risk.

If you need to get the most accurate measurement out of your scale and minimize risk, the Morehouse Universal Scale Calibrator will meet your needs.

Please visit Morehouse Automated Hydraulic Force Calibration System for information on our fully automated control upgrade.

Morehouse Universal Scale Calibrator

The Morehouse Universal Scale Calibrator was designed to accommodate large, high-capacity scales used to weigh aircraft and heavy vehicles. As with any other calibration machine, it is as accurate as the reference standard (load cell or proving ring) with which it is used.

Morehouse Universal Scale Calibrators are designed to speed up the calibration and certification of scales while maintaining the high degree of accuracy required for proper certification. The calibrator can calibrate all kinds of truck and aircraft scales. Some scales include:

  • Intercomp
  • Jackson Aircraft Weighing  (JAWS)
  • GEC
  • Haenni
  • Rice Lake
  • Ohaus
  • Proform
  • Brechnell
  • Tanner Racing
  • Taylor

Need to automate your machine. An automated option is always available as an upgrade. Please visit Morehouse Automated Hydraulic Force Calibration System for information on our fully automated control upgrade. The upgrade can be purchased with a new system or as a standalone unit that will work with any existing Morehouse SCM.

Note: This automation system is available as an add-on for any new or existing Morehouse UCM.

Note: Although our USC-60k can accommodate larger than 60k load cells, we recommend using the Universal Scale Calibrator with our Ultra Precision 60k load cell.

The Scale Calibrator or iterations before it was designed to accommodate a 100,000 lbf load cell as there were not a wide variety of 60,000 lbf metrology grade load cells available twenty-plus years ago.

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