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Single Measurement Bliss

Morehouse is proud to present Single Measurement Bliss! by Dilip Shah When you make a first measurement, everything looks fine. It is when you make a second, repeated measurement and it is different from the first measurement that doubt begins to arise. Which one is the correct measurement? Then, you take a third measurement, and […]

Unbolting Load Cells May not Produce Repeatable Calibration Results

Bolting a Load Cell Thread Class and Torque Applied • Morehouse recommends bolting a load cell to a base before sending it to us for calibration. • Error sources from a different class of threads and different bolting procedures can be quite large. • If the load cell must be bolted to a base, the bolts […]

How to Convert Weights to be used as Force Standards from Mass and Force Transducers to Mass

The mass of a body relates to the amount of material it contains. Forces are defined by Newton's second law of motion as expressed in the equation: F = kma Since it is impractical to make an accurate determination of force directly from this equation - at least as a routine procedure - it is customary to […]
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