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Torque Calibration: Why Torque Control is Important

At Morehouse we teach torque classes, give webinars on torque, and perform torque calibrations on reference standards. We strive to create a safer world by helping companies improve their force and torque measurements. However, we are not immune to the safety hazards that can result from improper torque control. Below is a picture of what […]

Cosine Error Should be Considered in any Torque Measurement Process

ISO/IEC 17025 When Calculating Torque Measurement Error Cosine Error should be considered A ‘vector’ is known as a quantity that is defined by its size and direction. Every time the effect of a known force is evaluated on a static or dynamic system, all applied and resulting forces should be determined by both their magnitude […]

The Importance of Torque Control

The Importance of Torque Control At the beginning of the year, we discussed the proper way to express torque units. This blog is going to discuss the importance of torque control. Torque = Force x Length this means the expression of lbf in or N m is the correct way to express torque.  Those manufacturers […]

The proper way to express torque units is lbf·ft or N·m

The proper way to express torque units is lbf·ft or N·m Morehouse will always make an effort to educate the masses on the proper way to express torque units. Looking at several scopes, manufacturer's specification sheets, and other sources, as a metrology community, we do not always express units of torque properly. Torque =  Force […]

Torque Explained Formulas and Conversions

Torque Explained Torque Explained - In the simplest sense Torque = Force * Length Torque is derived and traceable to SI units of length,  mass,  and time. The meter is the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second. The kilogram is the unit […]

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