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Anticipating Needs: The Key to Exceeding Customer Expectations

Do You Meet Customer Expectations? A man is walking through the desert, parched and desperate for water. He looks at the sky and prays, "Please, just a drop of water! I'll do anything for some water!" Miraculously, a cloud forms above him, and rain begins to fall. He drinks the water gratefully, feeling a wave […]

Precision Reads & Reviews: Good To Great

Applying Good to Great to Metrology Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't has been on my top 5 must-reads for the last decade. Many in our company have read it, and we have had several meetings referencing the topics Jim Collins seems present effortlessly. This book is likely the […]

Precision Reads & Reviews: To Engineer is Human

Applying To Engineer is Human to Metrology Engineering failure is measured in two ways: human death toll and materials lost. This is just one of many insights from Henry Petroski’s book To Engineer is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design.  As the president of a force calibration laboratory that has seen over 120 […]

Precision Reads & Reviews: Atomic Habits

Applying Atomic Habits to Metrology How can we apply what we learn in books to Metrological Practices?  Many might be familiar with the rule of 72.  In investments, the "rule of 72" is a simplified way to calculate how long an investment may take to double.  The math is as simple as dividing 72 by […]

Precision Reads & Reviews: Why business people speak like idiots

Metrology and Why Do Businesspeople Speak Like Idiots In metrology, we think that we are speaking the same language. However, if one takes a quick poll on the term calibration, one will learn that many people say calibration includes adjustments when the VIM is quite clear that it does not. Many people use metrological terms […]

The Morehouse Small Deadweight Machine (SDM). Your Compact, Precision Calibration Partner

Precision Calibration of Small Force Instruments with the Morehouse Small Deadweight Machine Calibrating small force instruments correctly is often difficult, often accomplished by physically stacking weights. At Morehouse, continuous improvement with an attention to detail is our hallmark. We know the drawbacks of makeshift setups, like stacking weights or using homemade jigs. The time-consuming calibration […]

Morehouse Introduces Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter for Load Cells 

Morehouse's Latest Product:  Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter for Load Cells Morehouse Instrument Company, a trusted and accredited provider of force and torque measurement services for over 100 years, announces the launch of its Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter for Load Cells. This innovative device empowers industries to modernize their weighing processes with cost-effective, wire-free technology that delivers real-time […]

Morehouse Now Offers Custom Load Pins for Unrivaled Accuracy and Fast Turnaround

Morehouse Instrument Company, a trusted and accredited provider of force and torque measurement services for over 100 years, is proud to announce its expanded capabilities to include designing and manufacturing custom load pins. Recognizing the critical role load pins play in various industries – from construction and manufacturing to aerospace and energy – Morehouse is […]

Specific Force-Measuring Instrument(s)

Specific Force-Measuring Instrument(s) Introduction At Morehouse, we have covered various sections of the ASTM E74 standard over numerous articles, papers, and posts. We have not covered specific force-measuring instruments for all of those various pieces. Yet, we frequently perform many calibrations and have sold equipment designed specifically for this criteria. Even though many customers have […]
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