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Morehouse PCMs in Healthcare: Precision You Can Trust. Patient Outcomes You Can Measure.

Portable Calibrating Machines (PCMs) in Healthcare Imagine a scenario crucial to patient care: a muscle strength test conducted with a hand-held dynamometer. The outcome dictates treatment plans, diagnoses, and recovery milestones. The precision of this device must be balanced; inaccuracies can lead to misdiagnoses, compliance issues, and wasted resources, compromising patient safety and institutional integrity. […]

Load Cell Reliability and Force Measurement in Healthcare

The Importance of Load Cell Reliability in Healthcare In the healthcare sector, precision isn't just a requirement—it's a necessity where the margins for error are perilously thin, and the consequences of inaccuracy can be grave. At the heart of this precision lies the unassuming yet critical load cell, a device whose reliability is foundational to […]

Deflategate and Measurement Uncertainty

Deflategate and Metrology The "Deflategate" scandal is one of the most infamous controversies in the National Football League (NFL) history, centered around the legendary quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Greg Cenker, senior metrologist and calibrations product manager at IndySoft, and Henry Zumbrun, President of Morehouse Instrument Company, wrote about the "Deflategate" scandal […]

Core Strength: The Values Driving Morehouse Instrument Company

Core Values are the Core Strength of Morehouse At Morehouse Instrument Company, our core values are the bedrock of our identity and the guiding light for our actions. These values aren't just words on a page; they're principles we embody in our daily work, creating a dynamic culture that propels innovation, energizes our team, and […]

Metrology Questions Webinar! You have 100 questions? We will have 100 Answers

Metrology Questions Webinar!  Free but RSVP required Are you struggling to find answers to your force calibration questions? Unsure about multi-axis load cell adapters? What indicator is best for your setup? You're not alone. Manuals and chat rooms often fall short, leaving you without clear answers. And we know, in our field, mistakes can be […]

Budget-Savvy Calibration Quality Machines Without Compromise

Budget-Savvy Calibration Machines When it comes to precision in force calibration, your needs can vary as much as choosing between a Bugatti and a Cadillac. Each has its place, offering distinct advantages depending on your requirements. At Morehouse Instrument Company, we understand that variety is key and are here to provide you with the best […]

Cal-Lab Revolution: Morehouse's Cutting-Edge Automated System Unveiled in New Video (Boost Productivity by 75 % Now!)

Cutting-Edge Automated System Morehouse Instrument Company proudly introduces a video tour of its Automated Force Calibration System, a game-changer for precision measurement. Available as an upgrade for your existing Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine or Universal Scale Calibrator, this system is the perfect solution for Cal-lab techs who want to increase their work throughput while maintaining […]

Morehouse Metrology Expert to Present Sessions at A2LA Conference

Metrology expert and President of Morehouse Instrument Company Henry Zumbrun will give two presentations at A2LA AnnCon24! First, on April 23, he’ll present his “Who Needs Another Session on Risk of Decision Rules?” session and explore risk mitigation strategies. Then, in the afternoon, he’ll present his session “ASTM E74 Explained.” In this session, he’ll focus on the standard's […]

Morehouse President Co-Hosts Metrology Today's Latest Episode

Morehouse President Co-hosts Metrology Today Step into the world of precision and expertise with Season 3 of the Metrology Today Podcast, where Henry Zumbrun, President of Morehouse Instrument Company, takes on the co-host role alongside Ryan Egbert. In Season 3, Episode 1, Zumbrun joins Egbert to interview Paul Reese.  Reese spent 18 years as a […]
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