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Torque Calibration: Don't Let Tight Lids Tighten Your Market Share!

Struggling to open a jar is not just frustrating for your customers—it is a sign that it is time to calibrate your torque settings. In the food industry, the right lid twist is not about sealing flavors. It is also about ensuring a pleasant customer experience. Morehouse understands the force behind every turn. We provide […]

Load Cell Specific Risk Example Made Easy

How to Calculate Load Cell Specific Risk: Step-by-Step Instructions Many people struggle with decision rules and how to calculate risk. This article provides step-by-step instructions to calculate Measurement Uncertainty, Guard Band Acceptance Limits, and Probability of False Acceptance (PFA). Load Cell Specific Risk Example Calculation:                     […]

Finding the Missing Piece to the Limited Talent Puzzle: Can Automation Fill Those Gaps

The Talent Puzzle: Is Automation the Final Piece? Do you like putting together jigsaw puzzles? They are fun on rainy days. Everybody has a strategy for these, and mine is to sort the pieces so I can put together the outer edge of the puzzle and work inward from there. I admit that I get […]

Join Morehouse's Free Webinar on Optimizing Universal Calibrating Machines

Gain the confidence and expertise to optimize your Universal Calibrating Machines and achieve superior accuracy in force-measuring processes during Morehouse Instrument Company’s no-charge webinar, "Optimizing Universal Calibrating Machines,” set for April 11th, at 10 a.m. (EST). Optimizing Universal Calibrating Machines Webinar The comprehensive 90-minute webinar will enhance attendee’s understanding and skill in using Universal Calibrating […]

Morehouse Instrument Company Launches Select Savings Page for Load Cells, Indicators, and Other Quality Equipment

Select Savings on Precision Equipment Morehouse Instrument Company, the industry leader in calibration services, announced the launch of its Select Savings products. Select Savings are gently used load cells, indicators, analyzers, and quality-tested equipment at significantly reduced prices.  The products are found on the website at Each item undergoes a rigorous quality check and […]

Why Workplace Pride Matters to Customers

Workplace Pride Matters In modern workplaces, where titles can be as extravagant as a Hollywood red carpet event, there exists a subtle yet profound force: workplace pride. It's more than just a warm and fuzzy feeling; it's a cornerstone of employee engagement and organizational success. But what exactly is workplace pride? Employees feel a sense […]

The Top 5 Pros and Cons of TEDS for Load Cells

Introduction of TEDS for Load Cells: Transducer Electronics Datasheet, or TEDS for load cells, is something we are frequently asked about as, over the years, the topic has been of interest to many hoping to use a load cell with a chip in it and be able to hook it up to multiple meters, to […]

Download the Morehouse Instrument Company Products and Services Catalog

Products and Services Catalog Download We're excited to share our new products and services catalog for download. It includes everything you need to know about our calibration products and services, from calibration machines to load cell repair. We focus on providing accurate measurements quickly and are accredited by NVLAP and A2LA. Whether you need calibration […]

Load Cell Shunt Calibration Made Easy

Load Cell Shunt Calibration Load Cell Bridge with a Shunt Calibration. Load cell shunt calibration is a cost-effective means to confirm that the load cell and indicator system are not experiencing significant drift or potential damage. Load cell shunt calibration involves introducing a known electrical resistance (shunt resistor) in parallel with the load cell, allowing […]

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