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The mass of a body relates to the amount of material it contains. Forces are defined by Newton's second law of motion as expressed in the equation: F = kma Since it is impractical to make an accurate determination of force directly from this equation - at least as a routine procedure - it is customary to […]
This is a one sheet verification proving the software converts the mV/V values properly. The end user must verify they have entered the coefficients correctly
V1.0.4: 2022 version Morehouse software, which uses the coefficients from the calibration report, typically ASTM E74 or ISO 376 report to ensure the mV/V values can be converted to engineering units. Keeping the calibration in mV/V is important as any adjustments are made at the time of calibration by issuing new coefficients. This keeps the […]
V1.3.5: Force calibration software for use with Morehouse 4215, HADI, or DSC-USB Indicators.   The software uses coefficients from ASTM E74 calibration and displays engineering units as well as capturing data with a remote control device and pausing readings etc.., Reporting section helps with ASTM E4 field calibrations.  Must have Morehouse 4215, HADI, or DSC-USB indicator […]
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