Prestressed Concrete Calibration Kit

The Prestressed Concrete Calibration Kit is an easy-to-use, lightweight system designed for increased accuracy. Prestressed Concrete Calibration is designed specifically for testing cables or rebar and with extra strain gauge sensors for improved accuracy.

Prestressed Concrete Calibration Kit

Available in 50k or 75k capacities, the kit is optimized for calibrations in prestressed concrete applications. Optional special top adapters are available, which help with better alignment and protection from concentrated forces.

The load cell is a hollow compression canister type with a chrome cover jacket. It is designed with 0.75” through hole, which allows for either a 0.5” or 0.6” cable to pass through. The swivel top assembly design provides uniform load distribution. The load cell is calibrated with primary deadweight standards accurate to < 0.002 %. ASTM E74 or ISO 376 calibrations and classifications can be provided based on the user’s requirements.

The kit is offered with various indicators including the Morehouse Gauge Buster 2, PSD, or PD6100. The Gauge Buster 2 produces a close to the direct reading measurement that can meet portability, sensitivity, and stability demands. The Morehouse PSD is a hand-held, battery-powered, two-channel indicator that is close to direct reading and simple to use. The PD6100 is a hard-wired unit that has a dual-line display and dual-scale capability that allows the measurement to be displayed in two different units of measure.

The Prestressed Concrete Calibration kit includes:

  • 50k or 75k capacity hollow load cell
  • Load cell cables needed for the indicator
  • Carrying case for easy, safe transportation
  • Display options: Morehouse PSD, Gauge Buster 2, or PD6100 indicator
  • Adapter Options: Alignment adapters, which help center the force and protect loading surfaces. These are sized for the desired cable or rebar diameter.

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