Workplace Awards Resonate Beyond the Plaque: Empowering Excellence in Every Achievement

October 30, 2023

Workplace Awards Resonate Beyond the Plaque

Workplace Awards Resonate Beyond the Plaque

Winning the "Best Place to Work" award by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal was an honor for Morehouse Instrument Company, but it was more than just a badge of recognition. It highlighted the underlying philosophy and practices that make such acknowledgments possible and the broader implications they have for businesses and their products.

Awards that recognize workplace excellence are not confined to one region or country. All around the globe, from bustling metropolitan hubs to serene towns, organizations often vie for such honors. Business publications, chambers of commerce, or other institutions might spearhead these awards. Different types of awards shed light on various aspects of workplace excellence; for instance, some emphasize employee engagement, while others might champion diversity and inclusion or even corporate social responsibility.

Pursuing these awards is no small feat, as the nominating process often demands extensive data gathering and introspection. But the rigor of the process is where the magic lies. Even if a company doesn’t clinch the top spot, the journey of participating itself is enlightening. It prompts businesses to look inward, evaluate their practices, and understand the sentiments of their employees. This deep introspection, coupled with feedback, can be a goldmine of insights, often leading to transformative changes. These changes, born out of self-awareness, resonate profoundly, benefiting not just the employees but also the clients and customers who rely on the business. Furthermore, the employee survey results are shared with the staff, showcasing the company's commitment to transparency and underlining its value on employee feedback.

Being recognized as a great workplace does wonders for employee morale. It's reassuring that their efforts, dedication, and passion don't go unnoticed. It's a shared achievement, a testament to the collective spirit of the organization. This naturally influences recruitment and retention positively. Top talent is naturally drawn to companies that prioritize their people and their growth.

Moreover, such recognition can significantly boost a company's public image. Stakeholders, partners, and customers often view these awards as validation. It communicates to them that the company balances profit-making and nurturing its people.

For the 2023 Best Places to Work in PA award, workplace policies, and employee experiences were central to evaluations. With 75% of the assessment based on employee experiences, it becomes clear that the employees' day-to-day reality in the company matters significantly. But this wasn't just about recognizing what's good; it was also about understanding areas of improvement. To compete for the award, employees took part in a survey, the results of which have become instrumental in shaping strategic policies for the company's growth.

Innovative HR and benefit programs play a substantial role in fostering creativity. Employees, when they feel taken care of, can channel their energy and focus on pushing creative boundaries. Their capacity for innovation and problem-solving sees a marked increase.

In businesses like Morehouse Instrument Company, where the core revolves around force and torque calibration for clients globally, employee creativity and engagement become the backbone of product innovation. A motivated and engaged workforce not only ensures that existing products maintain their high standards but also seeds the genesis of new product ideas.

In the world of calibration, minor details matter, and having a motivated team ensures that nothing is overlooked. When employees are engaged, aligned with the company's vision, and genuinely invested in its success, it translates to products crafted with precision, passion, and an in-depth understanding of customer needs.

This is a case where it is the journey, not the destination, that matters.  While the award is a significant achievement, it's the ripple effects that matter more. The practices it recognizes, the morale boost it provides to employees, and the subsequent impact on product quality and innovation are the real rewards.

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