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Force can be difficult. We are here to help! Depending on your application, these documents may help you make better measurements.

Simplify Measurement Uncertainty

CMC Calculation Worksheet for Force Measurements

Simplify Troubleshooting

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Load Cell Troubleshooting

Simplify Calibration Setups

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Recommended Compression and Tension Adapters for Force Calibration

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Continuous Improvement in the Cal Lab

What if people could improve at a rate of 1 % per day? In approximately 70 days, they would be twice as effective at their job, and in 365 days, they would be 37.78343 times better. In reality, 1 % better is not going to amount to much. For example, someone can decide to skip […]

Understanding ISO 376 Morehouse Calibration Certificates

Understanding ISO 376 Morehouse Calibration Certificates Morehouse takes exceptional pride in complying with several published standards. We hold ourselves accountable, raise the standard, and put a lot of effort into making the world safer. We are writing this article to help those who might not understand the ISO 376 standard. We have conducted webinars and […]

Easy to Use ASTM E74 Load Cell Selection Guide

ASTM E74 Load Cell Selection Guide Download the spreadsheet for ASTM E74 load cell selection spreadsheet @ Many people get confused with load cell specifications and what they mean. When a company says the load cell is accurate to 0.01 % of full scale, what does that mean? If calibrated using the ASTM E74 […]
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