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Force can be difficult. We are here to help! Depending on your application, these documents may help you make better measurements.

Simplify Measurement Uncertainty

CMC Calculation Worksheet for Force Measurements

Simplify Troubleshooting

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Load Cell Troubleshooting

Simplify Calibration Setups

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Recommended Compression and Tension Adapters for Force Calibration

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Guidance on How Many Decimal Places Are Enough for Equipment Resolution

How many decimal places are enough for equipment resolution?  That’s the subject of the latest article by Morehouse Instrument Company president Henry Zumbrun, which appears in the May issue of Quality Digest. The article, How Many Decimal Places Are Enough, isn’t about formulas or rounding. Rather, it is literally about determining how many decimal places […]

How Low Can My Load Cell Go? The impact on measurement uncertainty of using a load cell as low as 2 % of its rated capacity

Load Cell Impact on Measurement Uncertainty There are enough load cell intricacies impacting measurement uncertainties to write a book strictly on that subject, which Morehouse Instrument Company President Henry Zumbrun has already done. His newest article, How Low Can My Load Cell Go? appears in Cal Lab Magazine.  It examines the impact on measurement uncertainty […]

Specific Force-Measuring Instrument(s)

Specific Force-Measuring Instrument(s) Introduction At Morehouse, we have covered various sections of the ASTM E74 standard over numerous articles, papers, and posts. We have not covered specific force-measuring instruments for all of those various pieces. Yet, we frequently perform many calibrations and have sold equipment designed specifically for this criteria. Even though many customers have […]
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