Calibrate Instruments On-Site With a Morehouse 2000 lbf Portable Force Calibrator

Calibrate Instruments On-Site With a Morehouse 2000 lbf Portable Force Calibrator

You can now calibrate instruments on-site with a Morehouse 2,000 lbf portable calibrator that weighs less than 36 lbs!

The Morehouse Portable Force Calibrator
The Morehouse Portable Force Calibrator highlights

The Morehouse Portable Force Calibrator
The Morehouse Portable Calibrator Hand-Held Force Gauge Calibration

The Morehouse Portable Force Calibrator features the following: 1. High Stability and Fine Control - Control the force application by as little as 0.005 lbf. The calibrator has distinctive alignment bearings and adapters which when used with a Morehouse shear web load cell allow the user to control the force applied to within the resolution of the load cell. Example: A 1,000 lbf shear web load cell has a resolution of 0.005 lbf.

2. Accuracy – When used with a Morehouse shear web load cell, the machine accuracy will match that of the load cell standard used. Calibration and Measurement Capability will typically be better than 0.01 % of applied when two or more Morehouse Ultra-Precision load cells used.

3. Time-Saving – A typical deadweight or Universal Calibrating Machine requires changing set-ups for calibrations in both compression and tension modes. The portable calibrator facilitates calibration in both modes with no need to change adapters by turning the handle clockwise for compression and counter-clockwise for tension.

4. Versatile – Need to calibrate a button load cell or analog or digital force gauge as pictured above? No problem. Simply pull the latch and slide the bar up and down until the desired position has been reached. The calibrator allows for instruments with up to 5 inches of deflection.

5. Employee Safety - Most companies are hanging weights that require a balancing act that is often not safe. It is similar to playing the game Jenga in stacking weights that have the potential to fall and shatter someone's foot. The Morehouse portable calibrator is a safer alternative for those companies looking to limit liability and improve the overall safety for their technicians.

Total Height: 27”, Working Width: 9.25”, Working Length: 12”

Note: The Morehouse Portable Calibrator can be modified to have a larger working area.

The Portable Benchtop will allow you to perform calibrations almost anywhere. It allows you to control the force applied to better than 0.005 lbf and hold the reference standard to that amount or better. It comes in a Pelican case with wheels. You can roll it up, pull it out, and start calibrating. Offer your customers on-site calibration of equipment that may currently be being sent out to another vendor. Note: If that vendor is Morehouse, this device may not work for you. Kidding, well maybe not. 🙂

The Morehouse Portable Force Calibrator - Conclusion

Find more information about this exciting product here. Here is a link to a guided series on the Portable Force Calibrator

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Everything we do, we believe in changing how people think about force and torque calibration.  Morehouse believes in thinking differently about force and torque calibration and equipment.  We challenge the "just calibrate it" mentality by educating our customers on what matters, and what causes significant errors, and focus on reducing them.

Morehouse makes our products simple to use and user-friendly.  And we happen to make great force equipment and provide unparalleled calibration services.

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