Load Cell Creep - Easy to Understand Definitions

Load Cell Creep

The band Radiohead has a song called "Creep", it’s a good song.  Really good, it’s true.  This blog post relates nothing to that song.  In our world of load cells, there are three definitions relating to load cell creep.  We typically discuss two of them in our force workshops; hence you will see two of our workshop slides and the third definition below.

load cell creep

load cell creep recovery

Load Cell Creep Return  – The difference between the load cell signal immediately after removal of a load that has been applied for a specific time interval, environmental conditions, and other variables remaining constant during the loaded interval, and the load cell signal before the application of load.  Load Cell Creep Return is commonly expressed in units of % of applied load over a specified time interval.  It is common for characterization to be measured with a constant load at or near capacity.

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