Why is Force Measurement Important?

Why is Force Measurement Important?

Here at Morehouse, we have been in the business of measuring forces for almost 100 years.

We are a small company of fewer than 40 employees who strive to create great force measuring products used in several industries to make the world safer for everyone.

Though, when asked what we do, several of us have to explain that we measure forces at a very high level of accuracy.

When the first sentence starts on what we do, many people have no idea what we do. Therefore, we wrote an article about Why Force Measurement is Important.

Morehouse has been measuring forces since 1925.

Why is force measurement important
Why is force measurement important - Harry E. Zumbrun and William S. Morehouse with Morehouse Proving Rings

A Little Backstory about Why Force Measurement is Important to us.

In 1920 Morehouse Machine Company started as a local machine shop by William S. Morehouse. The 1920s Morehouse team included a very skilled machinist named Harry E Zumbrun (shown above).

Around this time, the demand for boilers and steam engines was increasing. However, as demand was rapidly expanding, so were catastrophic failures.

Many boilers were exploding due to material not being controlled and subpar testing methods. A problem that needed to be solved drove Morehouse to work with the National Bureau of Standards and find a solution.

That solution was the Morehouse Proving Ring, which allowed for more accurate calibration of Brinell hardness testers. In addition, the Morehouse Proving Ring standardized the applied force and provided a method to measure material strength more accurately.

In addition to this specific example of why force measurement is important for measuring the strength of materials, force measurement is a crucial aspect of many industries and applications, from engineering (structures) and manufacturing to healthcare and sports. Accurately measuring forces allows us to understand the world around us better, optimize processes, and ensure safety.

Why Force Measurement is Important.

  1. Quality Control

Quality control is a critical part of many manufacturing processes. Force measurement is used to ensure that products meet the desired quality standards. For example, force measurement can be used to test the strength and durability of materials, such as metals or plastics, and ensure that they are suitable for their intended purpose.

  1. Safety

Force measurement is used extensively in industries where safety is a concern, such as construction and healthcare. By measuring forces, we can ensure that equipment is used within safe limits and prevent accidents from occurring.

For example, force measurement ensures that cranes and lifting equipment are used within their safe working load limits. Speaking of cranes and lifting equipment, if you are calibrating tension links, here’s an article to help you reduce errors that can be twenty times more than the manufacturer’s specifications. Why is Force Measurement Important - (Tension Link Calibration (3 Easy Steps to Yield Repeatable Results) | Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. (mhforce.com))

  1. Optimization

Force measurement can be used to optimize processes by identifying inefficiencies or areas for improvement. By measuring forces, we can identify where energy is being wasted, and make adjustments to optimize processes, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. For example, force measurement can be used to optimize the operation of engines, hydraulic systems, and other mechanical systems.

  1. Research and Development

Force measurement is essential in research and development, allowing scientists and engineers to better understand the behavior of materials and structures under different loads. This information can be used to improve designs, develop new products, and identify weaknesses in existing structures.

  1. Sports

Force measurement is used in sports to optimize training, prevent injuries, and improve performance. For example, force measurement can measure the impact of forces on athletes during training or competition and identify areas for improvement in technique and equipment.

Why is Force Measurement Important


Conclusion – Why is Force Measurement Important, and Why Morehouse?

Force measurement is a crucial aspect of many industries and applications. Accurately measuring forces allows us to ensure quality control, ensure safety, optimize processes, facilitate research and development, and improve performance in sports. By continuing to develop and improve force measurement technologies, we can continue to advance our understanding of the world around us and create safer and more efficient processes and products.

At Morehouse, we start by listening to our customer’s needs. When we listen, we find a solution. That solution is often a force-measuring system, adapter, or calibration that meets the customer's need while offering the lowest measurement uncertainties from a commercial laboratory.

Low uncertainties help our customers make more accurate measurements, which saves cost, reduces risk, and increases quality.

Our accredited calibration services with primary standards will build confidence in your force measurement process. We create a safer world by helping companies improve their force and torque measurements.

If you want to know 5 characteristics of the equipment used to measure force, click here.

If you have more questions about Why force measurement is Important, need adapters, load cells, calibration, or other questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us @ 717-843-0081 to talk to a live person or email info@mhforce.co. Visit us on the web at mhforce.com.

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