Morehouse software for 4215, HADI, and DSC-USB for use with 1 - 6 indicators (ASTM E4, ISO 7500, Scale Calibration, Summation and Weighing Applications) With Us

Morehouse software for 4215 V1.0.6: (click to download)

2022 version Morehouse software for 4215, uses the coefficients from the calibration report, typically ASTM E74 or ISO 376 report to ensure the mV/V values can be converted to engineering units. Keeping the calibration in mV/V is important as any adjustments are made by issuing new coefficients at the time of calibration. This keeps the cost down and allows the end-user the ability to easily compare the stability from one calibration to another.

Morehouse software for 4215 also allows adjustments to other engineering units such as N, kN, kgf, & lbf. In addition, the software allows for multiple load cells to be summed together for weighing or other applications where each load cell can be monitored as a percentage of the overall applied load. This feature may be useful for calibrating pipe testers, large force machines requiring several load cells, or checking the center of gravity.

In addition, Morehouse software for 4215 can convert force to mass values such as lb, kg, grams, and ounces which is helpful for the calibration of scales.

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