Stay Teachable, My Friends

Stay Teachable

A friend recently shared a post that resonated with me deeply. It said, "Stay teachable." These two words beautifully encapsulate the essence of continuous learning, whether it's through training classes, attending symposiums, or any form of education. This simple phrase highlights the importance of keeping an open mind and the willingness to learn, no matter how much experience one has.

There's an old Isaac Asimov quote, "Those who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.” This humor underscores a truth about the value of humility and the recognition that there's always more to learn.

At 59, I embarked on a journey to start a doctorate program. This decision wasn't made out of a love for academic rigor but from a desire to learn from business strategy leaders and equip me for the remaining years of my productive career, which may even include teaching. While I have considerable experience in strategic communications, business strategy presents a new challenge. Being an armchair business strategist is one thing; making decisions affecting the bottom line is another.

Stay Teachable: No "Know-it-all"

Stay TeachableStaying teachable also helps you avoid becoming the office “know-it-all.” It's hard not to think of characters like Cliff Clavin from Cheers, the quintessential bar know-it-all. Cliff was famous for his endless supply of "facts," often amusingly off the mark, yet his confidence never wavered. This humorous portrayal serves as a light-hearted reminder of the importance of humility in our quest for knowledge. While it's great to share what we know, the Cliff Clavins among us underscore the value of double-checking our "wisdom" and being willing to learn from others. Embracing this ethos enriches our understanding and fosters a more inclusive and dynamic learning environment for everyone.

Every office has its version of “Cliff Clavin.”  These people know everything about everybody’s job and how they should do it.  Strangely enough, these people usually struggle to meet their own goals.   Encountering a colleague who swiftly dismisses new ideas or is eager to showcase their expertise without fully listening can dampen innovative spirits and create unnecessary tension. This behavior disrupts the flow of creative ideas and fosters an environment where genuine learning and knowledge exchange are hindered. It's essential to approach every interaction with openness and a readiness to learn, even from unexpected sources. By doing so, we cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and mutual respect, where every voice is valued, and every idea is considered on its merit. This approach enhances personal growth and drives the collective advancement of our teams and organizations.

Companies should not assume their staff knows everything they need to know to do their jobs.  Investing in learning and development pays off. Data from The Association for Talent Development (ATD) shows that U.S. firms typically spend about 2 percent of payroll on direct training costs, with indirect and opportunity costs potentially raising this figure to 10 percent or more. Despite these investments, it's suggested that current spending levels might be less than optimal if businesses were more aware of the positive impact training has on their bottom-line performance.

However, training and marketing budgets are often the first to be cut when finances are tight, likened to tearing up a ship's deck planks to feed the boiler. This short-sighted move undermines long-term success.

The challenge of staying current and not becoming obsolete is real. Employees may worry about taking time away from their duties, but companies have the power to mandate training. For organizations unable to afford external training programs, internal mentorship can be a valuable alternative. New graduates can bring fresh perspectives on technology, while seasoned professionals can offer insights on navigating career challenges.

Stay Teachable Philosophy 

At Morehouse Instrument Company, we've taken a significant step towards embodying the "Stay teachable" philosophy by introducing comprehensive internal metrology training for all our employees. This program, disseminated via email three times a week, isn't limited to those directly involved in calibration tasks. Everyone participates, from accountants, IT specialists, marketers, and even our seasoned calibration lab veterans. This initiative is crucial for enhancing our team's understanding of force and torque calibration and ensuring that every member, regardless of their role, grasps the precision and processes our work demands.

Why is this important for our employees and, by extension, our customers? For employees, this training demystifies the intricate world of metrology, making every team member more knowledgeable about our core operations. This broadened perspective fosters a deeper appreciation for their contribution to our collective goals, enhancing job satisfaction and engagement. For our customers, the benefits are manifold. A well-informed workforce means that every interaction with Morehouse, from sales to support, is informed by a thorough understanding of metrology's principles and practices. This leads to better customer service, more accurate information dissemination, and, ultimately, higher-quality products and services. By investing in our employees' continuous learning, we're staying teachable and ensuring that Morehouse Instrument Company remains a leader in the calibration industry, trusted by customers for our expertise and dedication to quality.

Embracing the mantra "Stay teachable" is not just about personal or professional growth; it's a commitment to adaptability and continuous improvement that benefits both the individual and the organization. It reminds us that no matter our age or experience, there's always something new to learn. Bottom line: old dogs should always learn new tricks.

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