Easy-to-Use Morehouse Ring Dynamometer

Morehouse Dynamometer is known for being simple to use and having a hard-to-pronounce name. With this device, the operator can make quick force measurements accurate to 0.05 % of capacity.

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The Morehouse Ring Dynamometer

An easy-to-use instrument designed to measure mechanical forces, it is recommended when a load cell system cannot be used. Its applications include checking mechanical and hydraulic presses and calibrating universal testing machines, Brinell hardness testers, weighing systems, and other force measurement systems.

When force is applied to the ring, a change in diameter, or deflection, occurs. The indicator measures this deflection in terms of divisions, which is translated into force by means of a calibration.

The ring used in this force measuring device is machined from closely-controlled alloy steel, which has been forged to obtain the proper metal grain structure. After rough machining, the ring is heat-treated and then ground to size. The diametrically opposite protrusions on the outside diameter of the ring are known as external bosses and serve as the loading surfaces of the ring. Smaller protrusions on the inside diameter of the ring are known as internal bosses and are necessary for the positive location of the deflection measuring dial indicator. Both the external and internal bosses are machined as integral parts of the ring so that the uninterrupted metal will conduct elastic reactions free from mechanical interference. The upper boss has a spherical surface, while the lower external boss is ground flat. These design features facilitate axial loading, which is important in accurate force measurements.

Experience has proven that a ring of selected alloy steel, properly constructed and heat-treated, will perform as a nearly perfect elastic member. The limitations in accuracy are attributable to the deflection measuring devices used within this type of instrument. To further ensure the desired high degree of accuracy and reliability, a special, fully jeweled indicator is used to measure ring deflection under load. Accuracies of 0.05% of load can be expected using a Morehouse Ring Dynamometer

Features include:

  • Accuracy of 0.05 % of range
  • An analog device, no wires or power required
  • Calibrated at specific force loads
  • Constructed from closely-controlled alloy steel

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