Easy-to-Use Eilon Engineering Ron Crane Scales

Ron Crane Scales several advantages for your weighing needs, such as:

• Save significant amounts of money - reduce costs with greater control over incoming materials, inventory, and outgoing shipments.

• Safety - reduces the chances of accidental overloads on lifting equipment. - Most load cells do not have the 5:1 and 10:1 Safety Factors the Ron Crane Scales Offer.

• Greater efficiency - Lightweight and Portable for in-process weighing anytime a load is lifted.

•Shackle holes offset 90 degrees: Reduces bending for increased safety and maintaining the 0.1 % of full range accuracy.

•Market leading 5 Year Warranty: High quality and reliability.



Morehouse is proud to be a distributor for Eilon Engineering Ron Crane Scales.

Eilon Engineering Crane Scales Product Offerings:

  • Industrial Crane Scales.
  • Small Crane Scales.
  • Multi Point Load Cells.
  • Overhead Crane Scales.
  • Hanging Crane Scales.
  • Wireless Dynamometers.


Morehouse can offer almost any Crane Scale with lead times that are less than 3 weeks. We are here to help you source the product that meets your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The Eilon Engineering Website has more detail on all the various Ron products offered and can be found by visiting https://www.eilon-engineering.com/

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